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Amanda is my child and Malin is my flatmate

A short guide to build OSU with SSL

The PovRay for OpenVMS Port:

I've been working on povray since 3.00 came out and now it is near completion (I don't even belive it myself).
The biggest changes is in the handling of file and the missing IEEE floats on VAX. You can use either [] or <> in the file specification. Even the foo.ini[jump_to_this_label] works.
I've created some mms files: Speed (time to render a specific picture, rad2.tga): And finaly the diff povray3_02_diff.zip . Files not ending with .diff should be moved to [*.povray3.source.vms]

You need povuni_s.tgz and povuni_d.tgz if you want to do your own build.

If you want to check another port goto Mr. Martin's PovRay page. He has some additional notes from Mr. Perkins.

Binaries (DECC 5.3 on both Alpha and VAX) : If you are going to use my *.exe you need povuni_d.tgz for the standard include files.

The Sced to OpenVMS port:

Modeller for X and Athena Widgets.

It is running but you can't spawn a preview. Another problem is that the load/save dialog don't have a scrollbar. If it had, it would lift a ton of stone off my shoulders.

The ScedA to OpenVMS port:

Sced for animation.

Same problems as for Sced and it is also one version behind Sced.
Last update: 22-JUL-2004 10:15