Joakim Karlsson

Like a wind blowimg endlessly through the universe,
time carries away the names and the deeds
of conqurors and commoners alike
and all that we were
all that remains are the memories of those who cared
we came this way for a brief moment
- in the mist of time...
By: Nasa

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Sweet Morpheus

Falling downward, your face I see
Falling downward, you can see me
In this madness I reach out for your hand
Two souls in union, spiralling to the ground

Child of Morpheus
Take me to your sweet euphoria
Child of Morpheus
Hold me in my dreams
Tranquil angel
Falling with no fear of landing
Child of Morpheus
Close my eyes for me

I've touched your beauty, tasted your poison brew
You've held me closer than any man could do
Now come, sweet Morpheus, there's lands we've yet to see
Unfold your comforting arms, and we'll fall endlessly

How I love you, Morpheus, my soul has ached for you
You gave me comfort while life was so cruel
Your time is precious, I'll waste not what you share
Let's fall again now, as far as we would dare

By: Inkubus Sukkubus
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