Digital PDP 11/23

Ludde, a DEC PDP 11/23

This is a great computer which I will write more about soon!

It's configuration is as follows: Me and Ludde
Clock Speed--
Memory256 KB-
DiskRL015 MB
DiskRL0210 MB
DiskRL0210 MB
DiskRL0210 MB
Monitor-Text Terminal

On the picture you can see me changing one of Luddes RL02 disks. RL02 disks are top loaded cartridges that contains 10 MB of data. Ludde is equipped with four RL type disks, one RL01 and three RL02. The RL01 and RL02 look similar, but are not compatible! You have to put RL01 cartridges in RL01 drives and RL02s in RL02 drives. The only visible difference between the cartridges is that the label on top of an RL01 is brown while it is blue on an RL02. The RL drives are top loaded and are pulled out from the rack on rails. The top of the drive can then be opened (but only if power is on) and a cartridge can be pushed down in place. My system consists of two 19" racks, but the 11/23 itself is quite small, while most of the space is taken by the RL disks.