Digital DECstation 5000/133

Katia, a DECstation 5000/133

It's configuration is as follows:
CPUKN02-BA V5.7jMIPS R3000
Clock Speed33 MHz-
BUSTurboChannel, SCSI-
Memory48 MB-
rz0RZ581.3 GB
rz1RZ581.3 GB
rz2RZ24209 MB
rz4RRD42600 MB
tz5TK5095 MB
MonitorVT 420-

This machine belongs to the 5000/100 series of workstations, a cheaper alternative to the 5000/200 series. The 5000/133 has the fastest (33 MHz) R3000 processor in the line, since the 5000/150 uses a (50 MHz) R4000 CPU. This machine is most notably different from the 5000/200 series in that it uses a different kind of memory SIMs (MS02 instead of MS01), has internal drive bays for secondary storage (which the 200 series lacks) and its Turbo Channel expansionslots are clocked at only 12.5 MHz, while the 200 series runs them at 25 MHz.