Digital DEC 3000-300

Flingo, a DEC 3000-300

This is a great computer which I will write more about soon!

It's configuration is as follows:
CPUEV4DECchip 21064
Clock Speed150 MHz-
BUSTurbo Channel, SCSI-
Memory32 MB-
DKA300RZ26L1.05 GB
DKA500RX262.88 MB

This is one of the early Alphas. A nice little machine, that belongs to the 3000-300 series. Other machines in this series were the 3000-300X (a 175 MHz machine, otherwise similar) and the 3000-300L and 3000-300LX which were cheaper machines with 100 and 125 MHz CPU:s and no Turbo Channel slots. The packaging of the 3000-300 machines were similar to the Personal DECstation 5000 computers based on the MIPS R3000 CPU (and some R4000 by the end). Some differences can be noted, however. As opposed to the Personal DECstation 5000 series which came with an AUI ethernet connector the 3000-300 came with a TP connector. Another difference is that the 3000-300 uses the same little box to connect keyboard and mouse via a serial line as the DECstation 5000/100 and 5000/200 series machines does, while the Personal DECstation connects the keyboard directly to the back of the computer.