Digital DECstation 5000/200

Cecilia II, a DECstation 5000/200

It's configuration is as follows:
CPUKN02-AA V5.3tMIPS R3000
Clock Speed25 MHz-
BUSTurboChannel, SCSI-
Memory64 MB-
MonitorVR26019" Greyscale

The DECstation 5000/200 was the first R3000 based machine in the DECstation line of computers. It was preceeded by the R2000 based DECstation 2100/3100 machines. The 5000/200 is a vast improvement in expandability (it goes to a maximum of 480 MB as opposed to the maximum of 24 MB in the 2100/3100) and it has Turbo Channel slots for expansion, while the 2100/3100 could only accept memory SIMMs and simple frame buffers (in color or monochrome versions, but w/o hardware acceleration).

The 200 series of machines was continued with the 240 (40 MHz R3000) and the 260 (60 MHz R4400). The original 5000/200 differed other DECstation 5000 machines (both in the 200 series and in the 100 and Personal DECstation series) in the following ways:

The 200 series machines are a bit odd in that they don't contain any space for an internal harddrive.