5.0 Also Nominated, but with little or no information:

John DiNardo:

(whose voluminous multipart postings inspired a subject line "Part 1: Is the CIA putting acid in John Dinardo's Coffee?")

Stephen Chaney:

Contrib. post:
 Second-handly, I got the report
also from talk.abortion (after I stopped posting there) of one
Stephen Chaney, who seem to consider himself an airplane of some sort
and runs around making "whoosh" sounds (I am not sure of the details
but he is reputedly sticking to alt.fan.rush-limbaugh nowadays).
 He's not even there very much, now.  He retreated from there to spending his
time on IRC, and apparently is marrying (or has married, already) a student at
E. New Mexico U. he met on IRC.

David J. Rasmussen (thanks for not killing me, mommy!):

Contrib. post:
 Actually, if ever there was a certified net.loon in
talk.abortion, I'm surprised you missed the obvious choice:  David J. "thanks
for not killing me, mommy!" Rasmussen.  I'd vote for him, but then I may be
biased by the fact that he actually traveled all the way to Houston from
Raleigh to confront me -- and he couldn't figure out that I was normally home
asleep at the hour he showed up at the RUPD offices demanding they arrest me.
 (It made my day to be awakened by a late-afternoon phone call from an RUPD
officer asking if I knew anyone by DJR's name, and when I answered that I did,
being informed that he was on campus looking for me.  1992 May 27 -- a date to
remember, for sure.)

Dave Nalle:

And there is always Dave Nalle, on the r.g.frp.* groups, who KNOWS the True Way of Gaming. Contrib. post:
 Ah, yes.  Nalle created and is marketting his own frp system. He is...
rather intolerant of criticism on his system, but I've never looked at
the system. In a fascinating tautology, I refuse to look at his system
because of the way he deals with posts which criticize it. A great
reminder to those who think PR is unimportant.

Han de Bruijn:

Contrib. post:
 Used to post to sci.math and cause a lot of heated discussions with his
"A little bit of physics would be NO idleness in mathematics" threads.
He apparently was told to stop posting by his employer, and began writing
a 'Series of Unified Numerical Analysis' (SUNA) - I didn't read them, so they
might not be loon articles, though. Unfortunately, I couldn't find his own
ftp archive, which should be in the Netherlands, and his postings of suna are
nowadays very rare.

Mr. Lionel Tun:

of talk.origins and ForTun Cookie Quotes; also of uk.misc . Posts as (apparently) lionel@cs.city.ac.uk (Lionel Tun), if this isn't a different Lionel Tun entirely.

Kalki Dasa:

also of talk.origins...

Jeff X. Mink (I am a false prophet): ?

Geoff Miller:

Contrib. email:
> *Who* ees dees Geoff Miller person? Data, I need more data, Captain!
 Seriously???  I saw an alt.peeves FAQ on alt.humor.b-o-u that called him
the mayor of alt.peeves... uncontested, which says something.  I first
ran across him when message #1 on alt.current-events.wtc-bombing was GM
SCREAMING that we should nuke Mecca during holy week, as retaliation.
He's supposed to have invented 'squicking'-- fucking a hole you cut in
the skull of your victim.  Let me see if I can find a sample of his art...

Kenneth Arndt:

apparently from talk.abortion. Contrib. post:
 And I should point out that a couple of nights ago ABC's Nightline ran
a report on the "deadly force" branch of the anti-abortion movement.
At one point they showed a list of people who had signed a declaration
that any force necessary, including homicide, is justified against
abortionists.  Among the signatures was one Kenneth Arndt.  Remember him?
 The most magnificent piece of his writing I have ever read was posted
to net.motss (I _think_ it was pre-Great-Renaming), and titled "The
Monkey and the Beachball".  I would be VERY grateful to see that again, or
to know how to contact Mr. Arndt in hopes that he can provide it.
Splendid, simply, horrifically splendid....

Well Jesus Monroy Jr will always have a place in the global killfile
[surely "heart"?] of many readers of the comp hierarchy (especially

When I used to read uk.* (I actually live in the UK, don't be misled by the
hostname), Ken Johnson stuck out in my mind for being a pretty froody dude;
he even had an alt.fan.* group created in his honour, but then he seemed to
disappear... must have got a better job, or something.
I don't suppose regional groups qualify for the list though.

Posts to talk.bizarre ...

Davorin Dujomvic (sp?)

Jonathon E.D. Richmond (How many jews does it take to shut down a newsgroup): ?


from sci.skeptic. Posts as Don_-_Showen@cup@portal.com; the "_-_" appears to be a cup.portal.com artifact...

George Carter:

Contrib. post:
 On that note, I would like to nominate George Carter. He has been
ranting, raving, and carry-on consistantly for quite some time now.
He has earn his own spot in the comp.sys.hp.* FAQ and probably has
more kill files with his name in it than any.

Herman Rubin (Modern programming languages aren't what I need): ?

Contrib. post:
 Rubin has strong feelings about all kinds of things--Bayesian probability,
the proper role of a statistical consultant, space exploration, medicine.

Tony Hollick ("Photon energies are quantised" & "My Doctor told me the KGB killed my parents"):

Posts as anduril@cix.compulink.co.uk; a UK phenomenon.

Maybe it reflects bad early reading habits, but the first newsgroups I was aware of devoted to net personalities were not the Kibo groups. They were alt.rissa and alt.weemba. You could include Rissa and Weemba, or was their prominence not sufficient for your list?