Yak-30 ('Magnum') by A.S.Yakovlev

he first Yak-30 prototype flew in 1960. On September 22, 1961, Yak-30 set a speed record of 773.308km/h on 15/25km circuit. On September 25, 1961, Yak-30 piloted by Smirnov set an altitude record of 16128m.
The USSR decided to buy the Czech L-29.
Some specially equipped Yak-30 were used to guide unmanned high altitude drones Yak-25RV-II during life firing exercises of interceptor regiments.
Yak-32 'Mantis'
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  • Technical data
    Type Yak-30
    Function Trainer
    Year 1960
    Crew 2
    Engines 1*900kg RU-19
    Length 9.3m
    Wingspan 9.8m
    Wing area 14.3m2
    Empty weight ?kg
    Loaded weight 2500kg
    Wing load 171.2kg/m2
    Trust-to-Weight 0.36
    Speed at 0m 660km/h
    Landing Speed 140km/h
    Range 965km
    Operational Ceiling 14000m
    at 0m 18.0m/sec
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