Yak-25, A.S.Yakovlev

ingle-seat jet fighter, a derivative of the Yak-19. It also had a straight laminar-flow wing, but the airfoil was different, with a thickness of 9% instead of 12%. The tail surfaces were swept back (49o all).
Pressurized cockpit with bulletproof 57mm windshield. Ejectable seat with 8mm back armour.
Automatic airbrakes (under the tailfin) deployed automatically at critical speed.
Yak-25 was flight trials started on October 31, 1947 and continued until July 3, 1948. Test pilot - S.N.Anokhin. Fighter had pleasant handling and good maneuverability. Abandoned in favor of MiG-15 which had more advanced layout and more powerful engine.
Two were built, designation later used for the Yak-25 'Flashlight';



  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR" by V.B.Shavrov, Vol.2 p.325-327;
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  • Technical data
    Type Yak-25
    Function Fighter
    Year 1947
    Crew 1
    Engines 1*1590kg RD-500
    Length 8.66m
    Wingspan 8.88m
    Wing area 14.0m2
    Empty weight 2285kg
    Loaded weight 3185kg 3535kg
    Wing load 227.5kg/m2 252.5kg/m2
    Trust-to-Weight 2.0/2.2
    Speed at 0m 982km/h
    Speed at altitude 953km/h
    Landing Speed 175km/h
    Landing Roll 825m sec
    Takeoff Roll 510m sec
    Turn time ?sec
    Range 1100km 1600km
    Ceiling 14000m
    at 0m 37m/sec
    5000m 2.5min
    10000m 6.3min
    Fuel+Oil 700/1025+12kg
    Guns 3*23mm NR-23 75rounds/gun
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