Yak-19 by A.S.Yakovlev

xperimental all-metal single-seat jet fighter with afterburning RD-10F engine. Unlike earlier Yakovlev's jets, it an exhaust pipe extended to the very end of the fuselage. Automatic system supplied extra fuel to the engine if necessary. External fuel tanks could be installed to extend operational range.
Straight mid-placed wing had laminar flow airfoil, carried slats and ailerons. Yak-19 had no pressurized cockpit, but was equipped with ejection seat and complete set of radio-navigation equipment.
Yak-19 was test-flown by pilot by S.N.Anokhin until August 21, 1947. Valuable data was collected for novel aircraft scheme.
Yak-19 did not enter series production because engine was outdated and had no upgrade reserve. Better equipped Yak-25 with 50% more powerful engine was about to enter trials...
None Yak-23 'Flora' employed wing of Yak-19;

Technical data
Type Yak-19
Function Fighter
Year 1947
Crew 1
Engines 1*1100kg RD-10F
Length 8.36m
Wingspan 8.7m
Wing area 13.5m2
Scheme Normal With external tanks
Empty weight 2192kg
Loaded weight 3000kg 3350kg
Wing load 222kg/m2 248kg/m2
Trust-to-Weight 0.37 0.33
Maximum Speed at 0m 875km/h
Maximum Speed at 5000m 904km/h
Maximum Speed at 10000m 875km/h
Cruise Speed at 0m 760km/h
Cruise Speed at 5000m 818km/h
Cruise Speed at 10000m 788km/h
Landing Speed 180km/h
Landing Roll 520m
Takeoff Roll 550m
Range 700km 1000km
Flight Endurance 2.3h
Ceiling 15000m
at 0m 16.4m/sec
at 0m with afterburner 25.8m/sec
5000m 3.9min
10000m 10.5min
Fuel+Oil 658+13kg 937+13kg
Ammo 47kg
Guns 2*23mm Sh-3, 70rpg
Created January 25, 1996
Modified November 05, 1998
by Alexandre Savine
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