Alexandre Aleksandrovich Arhangelsky


all 1919 - KOMTA was created under chairmanship of N.E.Zhukovsky. A.A.Arhangelsky and B.N.Yuriev were co-chairmen.
March 1921 - became a director of TsAGI;
1934-1935 - head of team working on the SB bomber and its modifications;
1937 - arrested (false allegations, common case at the time). Was lucky - worked in one of "Spec. KB".
In 1940 got Doctoral Degree in technical science and became General Designer.
Was released from custody in 1941 (looks like someone realised that such folks work better out of prison walls).
Since 1942 - Deputy of General Designer in Tupolev KB; During the Great Patriotic was responsible for production of the Tu-2 bomber.
After the war continued to work with A.N. Tupolev on both civil and military projects.

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