Voisin Ivanov, V.I.,
Piotr Ivanov, Anatra

evelopment of the French Voisin LAS pusher biplane with substantial changes. Aircraft was re-built by military pilot Piotr Ivanov in Zhmerinka, where 6th aviation supply (aviapark) division was located. New crew nacell, made of plywood, had very clean lines. Front (observer's) seat was equipped with machinegun mount of original design. Firewall (aluminum plate) was installed between engine and fuel tank. The last one was protected to prevent gasoline leak in case of a combat puncture.
Landing gear was strengthened. Third wing spar added, all spars - steel tubes. All struts (wings and tail frame) were made of elliptical steel tubes or equipped with wooden cover to make them oval.
Despite increased strength, aircraft was 20km/h faster than original Voisin LAS, powered with same engine. As a result of fight tests (since April 6, 1919) Voisin-Ivanov replaced original French aircraft on production lines (mostly on Anatra factories), and more than 150 were built in 1916-1917.
Aircraft was in service until 1922.
  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR" by V.B.Shavrov, Vol.1 p.196-197;
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  • Technical data
    Type Voisin IvanovVoisin LAS
    Year 1916 1915
    Crew 2 2
    Engines 1*150hp Salmson
    Length 9.5m 9.5m
    Wingspan 14.7/12.5m 14.74/12.54m
    Wing area 39.0m2 42.0m2
    Empty weight 852kg 900kg
    Loaded weight 1202kg 1250kg
    Wing load 30.8kg/m2 29.8kg/m2
    Power load 8.0kg/hp 8.3kg/hp
    Maximum Speed 125km/h 105km/h
    Landing Speed - 70km/h
    Ceiling 3500m 3000m
    1000m 8.4min 11min
    2000m - 23min
    3000m 47min 55min
    Guns 1*mg?
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