Tu-324, Tu-324A by Tupolev KB

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-seat regional passenger jet liner twin powered with either the GE CF-34, Motor SICh (former Progress) D-436TP or R-126-300 turbofan engine designed by the Moscow Soyuz corporation. The plane will also be available as a corporate plane for 8-10 executives and a business jet for 1 to 4 VIPs. Range for those three models will be 2500km, 5000km and 7000km respectively. Cargo version for 3000kg payload and 5900km range is also considered. Tu-324 is designed to replace Yak-40, Tu-134, An-24 and An-26 on Russia's regional routes.
Executive version will be equipped by satellite phone, FAX, PC outlet. Unlike its predecessors, new jet aircraft is capable to operate from unprepared airfields without giving up safety and comfort of the passengers.
The Tupolev Tu-324 is to be produced at the S.P.Gorbunov Aircraft Production Association in Kazan. On 28 March 1996, the Russian Government issued Decree 208 giving the KAPO, located in Tatarstan republic, exclusive rights on oil export as a means of funding the program. Mentimer Shaimiev, the President of Tatarstan, is known as one of powerful supporters for the Tu-324 project. Because the real figures of the oil export have been lower than expected, KAPO is now planning to sell the first two prototypes at US$13 million in order to get additional money for the program.
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On 10.09.98 the project Tu-324 became international. The agreement was signed between Tatarstan Government, Tupolev ANTK and Swiss 'Vibro Meter' company. 11 more contracts with the various foreign companies, specialized on avionics and other equipment are also expected.
Tu-324 is expected to carry a unit price of US$19-23 million. The maiden flight of the first aircraft is planned for 1999, certification for 2001.
Technical data
Type Tu-324 Tu-324A
Function passenger/cargo
Year ? ?
Crew 2 2
Engines 2*?kg Souz R-126-300
Length 26.2m 23.2m
Height 7.3m 7.3m
Wingspan 24.7m 24.7m
Wing area ?m2 ?m2
Empty weight ?kg ?kg
Loaded weight 24630kg 25400kg
Wing load ?kg/m2 ?kg/m2
Trust-to-Weight ? ?
Maximum Speed ?km/h ?km/h
Cruising Speed 800km/h 800km/h
Landing Speed ?km/h ?km/h
Required airstrip 1800m 1950m
Range 4500km 7900km
Ceiling ?m ?m
?m ?min ?min
Fuel ?kg ?kg
Seats 30 to 50
Cargo 5000kg 3000kg
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Updated June 25, 1999
by Alexandre Savine
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