TsKB-26, S.V.Ilyushin

24k b/w photo from JNO Russian Aviation Page

riginal prototype of the DB-3. Wooden low-wing monoplane with narrow (oval cross-section) fuselage and pilot cockpit 'borrowed' from the TsKB-12 fighter. No gunner position. Wing construction was very strong and light, but required numerous weldings and was complicated.
Test-pilot V.K.Kokkinaki looped the TsKB-26 in presence of Stalin, and gained support.
It was not built in series remaining experimental and record-setting aircraft only, but became a prototype for the all-metal TsKB-30 aircraft;
V.K.Kokkinaki and TsKB-26
25k b/w photo from JNO Russian Aviation Page

Records by the TsKB-26 (by V.K.Kokkinaki):
  • July 17, 1936: ceiling 11294m with 500kg load;
  • July 26, 1936: ceiling 11402m with 1000kg load;
  • August 3, 1936: ceiling 12816m with 500kg load;
  • August 21, 1936: ceiling 12101m with 1000kg load;
  • September 7, 1936: ceiling 11005m with 2000kg load;
  • August 26, 1937: circle 5018.2km with 1000kg in 16 hours (here 3 records were set);
  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR" by V.B.Shavrov, Vol.2 p.27-28
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  • TsKB-26, Ilyushin
  • Technical data
    Type TsKB-26
    Function Bomber Prototype
    Year 1936
    Crew 2
    Engines 2*760hp M-85, Gnome-Rhone 14Krsd
    Length 13.7m
    Wingspan 21.4m
    Wing area 65.5m2
    Empty weight 4000kg
    Loaded weight 6000kg
    Wing load 91.5kg/m2
    Power load 3.9kg/hp
    Speed (0m) 330km/h
    Speed (3250m) 390km/h
    Speed (landing) 100km/h
    Climb (5000m) 15.1min
    Ceiling 10000m
    Range 4000km
    Bombs 1000kg (external)
    Modified April 14, 1997
    by Alexandre Savine;
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