T-47 prototypes, P.O.Sukhoj

24k T-47-4 from Russian Power Site, traced down to M-Hobby 3/97 magazine
ew interceptor (based on T-3 family) with improved radar and armament was flight-tested in first half of 1958 - even before the program was officially approved. Two T-3 prototypes (assembled at Novosibirsk factory No153) were fitted with with new 'blown' cylindrical nose section and used for preliminary airdynamic studies under designations PT-8-4 and PT-7.
PT-7 (under new designation T-47-3) eventually became the first aircraft of new generation, when the PT-8-4 (later designated T-47-2) was lost in September 1958 accident. The first prototype (T-47-1) was transferred to LII (September 1958) for powerplant evaluation and did not participate in flight tests.
Official flight of new interceptor with new radar housing, engine and underwing hardpoints took place on October 25, 1998. In April 1959 T-47-3 was joined by another prototype T-47-4 and in June - T-47-5. In period between November 12, 1959 and April 7, 1960 'compressed' program of K-8M (with heat-seeking heat) evaluation was carried out. At the end of this trials two more prototypes (T-47-7 and T-47-8) were ready and trials of a radar-guided K-8M took place. T-47-6 did not participate in the program - it was delegated for K-9 missile, intended for new T-37 interceptor.
40k T-47-5 with K-8M missiles, from Russian Power Site, traced down to M-Hobby 3/97 magazine;
Redesigned nose, large underwing missiles demanded to install more powerful engine and to provide more room for fuel. Modifications (extra tanks in wing roots and after-wing fuselage section, AL-7F-2 engine) were implemented on T-47-8. On April 1960, all T-47 were upgraded to this standard.
During those trials about 250 flights were performed.
Second stage of trials (475 flights, April 26, 1960 to June 8, 1961) was dedicated mostly to armament (radar, missiles) evaluation under conditions of real intercept (targets). In November 1960, even before official end of trials, the State Acceptance Commetee recomended series production of the aircraft.
In July 1961 T-47-8 was presented to public during Tushino Airshow.
Governmental Order to start series production was issued in November 1961, in February 1962 it was officially accepted for service under designation Su-11-8M
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  • M-Hobby 3/1997 magazine
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  • Technical data
    Type T-47
    Function Interceptor prototype
    Year 1958
    Crew 1
    Engines 1*10100kg Lyulka Al-7F-2
    Length 17m
    Wingspan 9.4m
    Wing area m2
    Empty weight kg
    Loaded weight kg
    Wing load kg/m2
    Trust-to-Weight ?
    Maximum Speed at m 1910km/h
    Mach 1.8
    Landing Speed km/h
    Landing Roll m sec
    Takeoff Roll m sec
    Turn time sec
    Mission Range 500km
    Ferry Range 1125km
    Flight Endurance hmin
    Ceiling 17000m
    1000m min
    Fuel kg
    Rockets 2*K-8M
    Created January 28, 1999
    by Alexandre Savine
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