Su-9 'K' by P.O.Sukhoj

ingle-seat jet fighter-bomber with two RD-10 engines, installed under the wing. Su-9 often mentioned as "resembling the Me-262", but the Su-9 was far more advanced. And "Me-262 layout" was so common among twin-engined aircraft....
'K' was equipped with booster-actuated airbrakes, installed between the engines and ailerons. Airbrakes were deploying both upwards and downwards. To cut Landing Roll brake chute was used in addition to the airbrakes. Pilot had a catapult seat for emergency bail out. Solid state RATO boosters U-5 became a standard option, one on each side of the fuselage. Each U-5 provided 575kg trust during 8sec.
In addition to powerful array of barrel weapons (salvo 7.33kg/sec to 8.57kg/sec) Su-9 could carry two FAB-250 or single FAB-500 bombs.
Full-size mockup was presented to the State Commetee on January 31, 1946. Aircraft was built in 1946. On August 3, 1947 it was demonstrated to public during Tushino airforce parade. In December 1946 it successfully passed all trials and was recomended for series production. But at the time P.O.Sukhoj had even more advanced and better performing Su-11 'KL' aircraft ready, and Su-9 was abandoned.
Designation later was used for unrelated Su-9 known on the West as a "Fishpot".
None Su-11 'KL'

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  • Su-9 (K) at Virtual Aircraft Museum
  • Su-9, Sukhoi
  • Technical data
    Type Su-9 'K'
    Function Fighter-bomber
    Year 1946
    Crew 1
    Engines 2*900kg RD-10
    Length 10.55m
    Wingspan 11.2m
    Wing area 20.2m2
    Empty weight 4466kg
    Loaded weight 6380kg
    Wing load 316kg/m2
    Trust-to-Weight (cruise) 0.28
    Trust-to-Weight (RATO) 0.46
    Speed at 0m 847km/h
    Speed at 5000m 885km/h
    Landing Speed 150km/h
    Takeoff Roll 475m
    Range 1200km
    Flight Endurance 1h44min
    Ceiling 12800m
    5000m 4.2min
    Fuel 1750kg
    Guns 2*23mm NS-23 200rpg
    and one of the following:
  • 1*37mm N-37 30rounds
  • 1*45mm N-45 30rounds
  • 2*23mm NS-23
  • Bombs 500kg
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