Su-6, P.O.Sukhoj

(b/w 40k) from Ever Changing Page of Roy Cochrun. Beaumont's Aviation Literature.

rmored ground attack aircraft, overshadowed (or over-numbered?) by the Il-2. Su-6 was more advanced than the Stormovik, its air cooled engine did not require armoring and provided more power. But Il-2 production was already 'in full steam', and switching to radically new aircraft could be harmful for production rate.
Importantly, the Su-6 inherited chronic problem of the Su-4 - it relied on experimental engines.
Development started in 1939. Second Su-6-2 (improved) version was built in 1942, and the last one (Su-6-3), powered by liquid-cooled 2,000hp AM-42 started flight testing early in 1944.
  • Enzo Angelucci, Paolo Matricardi "Combat Aircraft Of World War II" Vol. IV, 1940-1941, ISBN 0-517-56843-8;
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  • Technical data
    Type Su-6
    Function attack
    Year 1942
    Crew 2
    Engines 1*2200hp 18cyl. 2-raw rad. ASh-71F (M-71)
    Speed 526km/h
    Ceiling 8000m
    Range 973km
    Guns 2*g37mm
    Bombs 400kg
    Modified January 12, 1997
    by Alexandre Savine;
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