Su-31T/U aerobatic by Sukhoj OKB

24k photo by Brian Lockett, Tushino-96 Airshow;

u-31 is an update of the Su-26 and Su-29 family, with many aerodynamic and structural refinements. Single-seater, structural (and chronologically) closer to later Su-29 trainer. Entire package was improved, not just shortcomings of the predecessors. Enlarged rudder made 'knife edge' flight easier. Redesigned wing with new ailerons allowed to improve stability and lighten stick forces. SKS-94 emergency ejection system (same as on Su-39) provides additional safety for pilot.
Almost unlimited fatigue life of the wing was achieved by introduction of titanium ribs and carbon fiber main spar. The huge installed power to weight ratio makes high energy turns easier and the aircraft can even perform vertical accelerations after the wing has stalled! Aircraft received also new MTV-9 propeller. Cockpit comfort and pilot's view were improved, two luggage compartments added.
Public debut of the Su-31 took place in July 1992 (just one month after maiden flight!) at the World Championship (France). Pilot Yu.Kairis won the Bronze medal. Two years later Su-31 again brought a success to Russian team.
Su-31T is a standard production variant. Su-31U with retractable undercarriage is also available. The Su-31Kh (export version) is equipped with wing fuel tanks. As well as the predecessor, SU-31 is built at the Dubna Machine-Building Plant. Aircraft was certified in Russia (1995) in aerobatic category, exported since 1994.


Su-31T (standard)
Su-31U (retractable gear)
Su-31Kh (export)


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  • Technical data
    Type Su-31
    Function Aerobatic
    Year ?
    Crew 1
    Engines 1*400/360hp Vedeneyev M-14PF
    Length 6.83m
    Wingspan 7.80m
    Wing area 11.80m2
    Height 2.4m
    Empty weight 670kg
    Loaded weight 968kg
    Wing load 82.0kg/m2
    Power load 2.67kg/hp
    Speed 407km/h
    Stall Speed 98km/h
    Roll rate 420o/sec
    Service g-Limits +12/-10
    Ultimate g-Limits +23/-23
    Landing Speed 114km/h
    Landing Roll ?m
    Takeoff Roll ?m
    Turn time ?sec
    Ferry Range 1200km
    Flight Endurance 40+min
    Ceiling 4000m
    Rate at 0m 24m/sec
    1000m min
    Fuel 280l
    Cost 190,000USD
    Created February 12, 1999
    by Alexandre Savine
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