Su-29, P.O.Sukhoj

32k photo by O.T.Kieboom, Farnborough-1996

wo-seater, designated for aerobatic training, competitions and airshows. Aircraft is based on Su-26M single-seater and utilizes most of technology of the predecessor. Thanks to wider use of composite materials, aircraft performance with one pilot is similar to this of a single-seater predecessor.
First production batch (1992, about 30 planes) was sold to customers all over the World. In 1993 production started at Dubna machine assembly factory. In 1994 aircraft was certified in Russia (???).
32k photo by O.T.Kieboom, Farnborough-1996

Su-29 may be custom equipped with "Bekker" or "Bendix King" navigation equipment, as well as GPS.
At the 1996 World Aerobatic Championships in Oklahoma City, the Russian Sukhoi Design Bureau demonstrated an ejection seat for Su-29 two place unlimited competition aerobatic aircraft.




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  • Technical data
    Type Su-29
    Function Aerobatic trainer
    Year 1992?
    Crew 2
    Engines 1*360hp M-14P
    Length m
    Wingspan m
    Wing area m2
    Empty weight 735kg
    Loaded weight 862kg
    Maximum takeoff weight 1200kg
    Wing load kg/m2
    Power load 2.39kg/hp
    Maximum Speed (horizontal) 325km/h
    Maximum allowed 450km/h
    Landing Speed 120km/h
    Landing Roll m sec
    Takeoff Roll m sec
    Turn time sec
    Roll rate 6rad/sec
    g-Limits +12/-10
    Ferry Range 1200km
    Flight Endurance hmin
    Ceiling m
    Rate at 0m 16 m/sec
    Fuel kg
    Cost (approx) 190,000USD
    Created December 10, 1996
    Modified February 10, 1999
    by Alexandre Savine
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