R-3, ANT-3, 'Proletarij' by A.N.Tupolev

ll-metal biplane reconnaissater. ANT-3 inherited fuselage of ANT-2 - triangular section, narrow and deep. It allowed gunner to operate his gun while staying on feet. Upper wing was almost flush with fuselage.
Aircraft was ordered in the beginning of 1924, and in four months (April 1924) project was ready. Powered by 400hp (Liberty), aircraft was built in July 1925 and flown through factory trials in August by I.I.Phillipov. State trials ant NOA lasted until April 1926 (pilot M.M.Gromov and observer V.S.Vakhmistrov). Some secondary shortcomings were mentioned, but no final conclusion came out.
Nonetheless since December 1925 the pre-series ANT-3 was under assembly at GAZ-5 factory, as well as few ANT-3 for advertisement (or propaganda?) flights over Europe. Following recommendations of M.M.Gromov, 450hp 'Napier Lion' engines were installed on those aircraft. N-shaped wing struts were replaced by K-shaped. Overall performance was substantially improved (see table).
In August 30 - September 2 1926 on one of those aircraft (named "Proletarij") M.M.Gromov with mechanic E.V.Radzevich performed flight Moscow - Berlin - Paris - Vienna - Prague - Warsaw - Moscow, covering 7150km in 34h 15min of flight time.
Despite R-3 with Napier Lion engine fulfilled all requirements to reconnaissater aircraft, id did not enter production. 'Napier Lion' was too expensive. In November 1925 work started on series R-3 modification for M-5 engine, but this story may be found on a different page.

R-3 with M-5 engine

ANT-10 R-7

Technical data
Type R-3 prototype R-3 pre-production R-3 'Proletarij'
Function Reconnaissater Advertisement Propaganda
Year 1925 1926 1926
Crew 2 2 2
Engines 1*400hp Liberty 1*450hp Napier Lion 1*450hp Napier Lion
Length 9.4m 9.4m 9.4m
Wingspan 13m 13m 13m
Wing area 37m2 37m2 37m2
Empty weight 1335kg 1390kg 1412kg
Loaded weight 2085kg 2144kg 2173kg (2400kg)
Wing load 56.4kg/m2 58.0kg/m2 63.2kg/m2
Power load 5.21kg/hp 4.76kg/hp 4.83kg/hp
Speed at 0m 207km/h 218km/h 226km/h
Speed at m 175km/h 136km/h ?km/h
Landing Speed 85km/h 85km/h 85km/h
Landing Roll 180m 14sec 14sec 19sec
Takeoff Roll 200m 15sec 13sec 160m 10sec
Turn time 27sec - 21
Ceiling 4400m 4310m 5110m
1000m 4.7min 4.6min 3.4min
2000m 10.3min 9.5min 7.2min
3000m 18.3min 15.9min 11.5min
4000m 33.5min 27.6min 17.3min
5000m - - 31.2min
Guns 2*mg -
Bombs 200kg -
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