P-1, P.O.Sukhoj

xperimental fighter. The P-1 was a tailed two-seat delta. It had oval jet intakes just ahead of the wing root, with twin shock cones. Armament was retractable rocket launchers in the nose, behind the radar. The big P-1 was underpowered (??) with the single Lyulka AL-7F engine.
No production.
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  • Technical data
    Type P-1
    Function fighter
    Year 1958
    Crew 2
    Engines 1*10600kg Lyulka AL-7F
    Speed 2050km/h
    Ceiling 19500m
    Range 2000km
    Armament 50*rockets 57mm
    Modified January 25, 1996
    by Alexandre Savine;
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