MiG-19, A.I.Mikoyan/M.I.Gurevich 'Farmer'

MiG-19P (28k) at Khodynka; Photo by Paul Nann;

he MiG-19 was the USSR's first mass-built supersonic fighter. The highly-swept, thin, sharply tapering wing was a remarkable characteristic. The MiG-19 proved to be a capable and sturdy combat aircraft, maneuverable and armed with powerful 30mm guns.
China is still building developments (J-6). J-6 is in service with 14 countries, Cuba still operates 30 genuine MiG's.
Prototypes :
  • SM-2/I-360;
  • SM-7;
  • SM-9;
    Modifications :
  • I-1/I-370, unsuccessful attempt to fit more powerful engines;
  • I-2, modification of I-1 with new wing;
  • SM-10 with refueling probe;
  • SM-12 with new intake, removed guns and added missiles. designed as a backup to MiG-21;
  • SM-30 - ramp-launched experimental version;
  • SM-50, SM-51, SM-52, - experimental versions with additional rocket engine;
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  • Technical data
    Type MiG-19S
    Function fighter
    Year 1956
    Crew 1
    Engines 2*3040kg Mikulin AM-5
    Wing Span 9.20m
    Length 12.60m
    Height 3.88m
    Wing Area 25m2
    Empty Weight 5760kg
    Maximum Weight 9100kg
    Speed 1452km/h
    Ceiling 16500m
    Range 1390km
    Guns 3*g30mm
    Bombs, Rockets 1000kg externally

    MiG-19PF at Monino AF Museum, Paul Nann (33K);
    MiG-19P at Khodynka, Paul Nann (28K);
    MiG-19S at Khodynka, Paul Nann (45K);
    MiG-19S "Farmer" based at United States Air Force Museum ;

    Modified February 14, 1997
    by Alexandre Savine;
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