UBS/UBK machine gun, Berezin

riginal year 1940 design was BS - Synchronized by Berezin, Berezina Synkhronny; This prototype was developed into whole family of heavy machineguns:
  • UB - multipurpose by Berezin, Universal'ny Berezina;
  • UBS - synchronized, Synkhronny;
  • UBK - wing mounted, Kryl'evoj;
  • UBT - or turret, Turel'nij;
    Some "fragments":
    Army field tests of BS were conducted in January-February 1941. First 6 BS were installed on I-16 and I-153. Some complications with reloading, requiring serious efforts, were revealed and fixed quickly.
    Caliber 12.7mm
    Rate 700-800rpm
    Muzzle speed 840m/sec
    Ammunition standard - Black/Yellow
    tracers - Violet-Red
    incendiary - Black/Red
    Modified August 11, 1997
    by Alexandre Savine;
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