MDR-4/ANT-27, A.N.Tupolev

hree-engined flying boat, development of the MDR-3 redesigned under A.N.Tupolev's supervision. Two tandem engine pairs of the MDR-3 were replaced by three (two tractor and one pusher) M-34R engines. Wing struts eliminated, wing area increased. Tail surfaces area was also increased, tail was raised like on the MK-1/ANT-22. The hull was almost identical to the MDR-3. Wing had mixed cover - aluminum on inner section, fabric on outer panels.
Aircraft was ready in March 1934. During factory tests it was crashed on takeoff, killing I.I.Pogosskij - head of the KOSOS Naval Brigade.
One built.


MTB-1 ANT-27bis

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  • Technical data
    Type MDR-4
    Function Reconnaissance
    Year 1934
    Crew ?
    Engines 3*750/830hp Mikulin M-34R
    Length 21.9m
    Wingspan 39.4m
    Wing area 177.5m2
    Empty weight 10500kg
    Loaded weight 14660kg
    Wing load 82.6kg/m2
    Power load 6.5kg/hp
    Speed at 0m 232km/h
    Speed at ***m 211km/h
    Touchdown Speed 100km/h
    Turn time 30sec
    Range 2130km
    Takeoff Roll 30sec
    Ceiling 5450m
    1000m 4.6min
    2000m 10.3min
    3000m 18.0min
    4000m 31.0min
    5000m 55.0min
    Modified December 4, 1997
    by Alexandre Savine;
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