MBR-2 series with M-17 engine, G.M.Beriev

46k MBR-2 of Polar Front, "Sowieckie lotnictwo MORSKIE 1941-1945", p14

eries production of the MBR-2 started on Taganrog State Aircraft Factory N031 (Named after G.Dimitrov) in 1934. It differed from the TsKB-25 prototype only by engine (BMW-VI replaced by domestic clone M-17). About 1/3 of all 1365 built MBR-2 were of this modification.
MBR-2 is a mixed construction (mostly wooden) flying boat with shoulder wing and pusher engine, installed on high struts above the wing. Four-blade variable-pitch (???) propeller is a 'composite' of two standard 2-blade propellers (diameter 3.0m). Balance floats are installed close to 1/2 of the wing span. Tailplane is installed on 1/2 of the fin. Aircraft is provided with dual controls (starboard column is removable). For winter operation MBR-2 detachable skis may be installed. Some aircraft were actually built in amphibious configuration. Protected fuel tanks are located in center wing section (2x330l). Two removable tanks (215l each) may be installed in the hull.
Armament included two TUR-6 open installations for 7.62mm DA, replaced later by TUR-8 with ShKAS machineguns. Normal bomb load - 400kg. Installation of unguided RS-82 was studied, but never became a production option.
Photoequipment is installed in the nose. Radio receiver and transmitter (in pilot's cockpit) is a standard option. All three (nose, pilot's and rear) cockpits are connected by ship-style voice pipes.
38k MBR-2 powerplant and rear gunner position (machinegun not installed), "Sowieckie lotnictwo MORSKIE 1941-1945", p12
MBR-2 was very easy to built and maintain. It proved also quite a seaworthy, capable to land and takeoff from waves up to 0.7m. Reliable sturdy aircraft played large role in Great Patriotic War, being a major ASW aircraft of Soviet Naval aviation. Serving at all theaters, it performed reconnaissance, bombing, escort and even air-to-air combat against Nazi bombers (while protecting convoys).
Retired MBR-2 with M-17 were used in civil service as MP-1T cargo planes.
Technical data
Type MBR-2
Function reconnaissater
Year 1932
Crew 3
Engines 1*500hp M-17
Length 13.5m
Height 5.42m
Wingspan 19.0m
Wing area 55m2
Empty weight 2400kg
Loaded weight 3634kg
Wing load 66kg/m2
Power load 7.27kg/hp
Speed at 3000m 215km/h
Landing Speed 115km/h
Landing Roll 24sec
Takeoff Roll 30sec
Range 1480km
Flight Endurance 4h
Ceiling 6100m
1000m 5min
2000m 12min
3000m 21min
4000m 34min
Fuel 200kg
Guns 2*7.62mm DA or ShKAS
Bombs 400kg external
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by Alexandre Savine
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