LaGG-3 / I-301, S.A.Lavochkin, V.P.Gorbunov and M.I.Goudkov

efined LaGG-1, with palliative introduced to cure the worst faults of the LaGG-1. The LaGG-3 had outer wings with slats and balanced tail elevators, was lighter, and later also had a more powerful engine. It still was disliked intensely by its pilots. Production problems continued, some factories delivering unairworthy aircraft. Series production aircraft were up to 40km/h slower than those tested by the VVS (table presents the mass production model data).
All fighters by S.A.Lavochkin were 250-300kg heavier than Yakovlev's, due to wooden construction and generally worser 'weight culture'. But they were way more sturdy and reliable. Fuel tanks were self-sealing, equipped with inert gas (exhaust) pumping system.
Only 322 were ready on June 22,1941.
Development resulted in 21 major versions (66 total), all simply called LaGG-3.
In production until 1943, 6258 built.

  • LaGG-3 Light had mass reduced by improving of structure and cutting down weapons.
  • 105 - more weight savings, cut-down aft fuselage;
  • Gu-82 - modification for radial engine (Su-2 powerplant) with minimal possible changes in design;
  • LaG-5 - modification for radial engine, similar (and often mistaken for) the La-5;
  • La-5 - 'live branch' of the radial engine powered modifications;
  • LaGG-5 - designation, widely used by Western sources, but NEVER found in serious Soviet archives;
  • K-27 modification carried coaxial 37mm ShK cannon firing through propeller (M.I.Goudkov).
  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR" by V.B.Shavrov, Vol.2 p.216-218;
  • "LaGG fighters in action" by Don Greer & Ernesto Cumpain;
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    two 15k photos of my 1/72 LaGG-3 model
    Another drawing from collection by Vadim Krivosheyev, used to make a background for this page;
  • Technical data
    Type LaGG-3 series 1-3 LaGG-3 series 66
    Function fighter
    Year 1941 1943
    Crew 1
    Engines 1*1050hp Klimov M-105P 1*1180hp Klimov M-105PF
    Wing Span 9.80m
    Length 8.81m
    Height 4.40m
    Wing Area 17.62m2
    Empty Weight 2680kg 2990kg
    Maximum Weight -kg 2990kg
    Wing Load 190kg/m2 170kg/m2
    Power Load 3.29kg/hp 2.53kg/hp
    Speed at 0m 498km/h 542km/h
    Speed 575km/h (at 5000m) 591km/h (at 3560m)
    Turn time 20sec 19sec
    Climb to 5000m 6.8min 5.6min
    Ceiling 9500m 9600m
    Range 1100km (870km?) 650km
    Guns 3*mg12.7mm UB(S) 220rpg
    2*mg7.62mm ShKAS 325rpg
    1*mg12.7mm UB(S)
    1*g20mm ShVAK
    Modified May 28, 1997
    by Alexandre Savine;
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