Be-4, KOR-2 by G.M.Beriev

elegant parasol-wing flying boat, created as catapult-launched or sea-based close range reconnaissater. Single huge radial M-62 engine with tractor propeller was installed on the central pylon. Airflow compensated the engine reaction due to blowing the wing. Construction was all-metal, except fabric on ailerons and tail controls.
One ShKAS machinegun was installed in the nose (fixed), another - in turret behind the wing pylon. Bomb load (400kg) was available only in overload configuration.
First aircraft was ready in 1941 and fulfilled trials program in Sevastopol before evacuation. Performance was very good, and series production started next year. Since such aircraft was not the major necessity at the time (remember that German armies are still advancing), it was built in limited number (only two in 1942, more during 1943-1945). Be-4 were used by Naval Aviation.
Technical data
Type KOR-2, Be-4
Function Ship-based Reconnaissance
Year 1941
Crew 2
Engines 1*1000/850hp M-62
Length 10.5m
Height 4.05m
Wingspan 12.0m
Wing area 25.5m2
Empty weight 2082kg
Loaded weight 2760kg
Wing load 108kg/m2
Power load 2.8kg/hp
Speed at 0m 310km/h
Speed at 4700m 356km/h
Landing Speed 130km/h
Landing Roll 22sec
Takeoff Roll 25sec
Turn time 40sec
Range 550km
1150km overload
Flight Endurance 2.0h
4.0h overload
Ceiling 8100m
1000m 2.0min
5000m 12.0min
Guns 2*7.62mm ShKAS
Bombs 400kg
Created November 11, 1996
Modified March 30, 1998
Alexandre Savine
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