K-5, K.A.Kalinin

20k b/w photo from the "History of aircraft construction in the USSR" by V.B.Shavrov, Vol.1 p.415

of the most popular passenger aircraft in 30's. It was very economical and easy to maintain. The only imported parts were landing gear chromium-molibdenium axis. It differed from its predecessors (K-1, K-2, K-3, K-4) by dual controls, more powerful engine (M-15, M-22, M-17F) and (later) strengthened airframe.
First 100 production K-5 were powered by l.c. M-15, but it was unreliable and resulted in frequent emergency landings. Since 1930 a.c. M-22 was installed. It was very reliable, but flight characteristics slightly degraded due to larger drag. This aircraft was presented on State Acceptance trials (May 26 - June 26, 1932). 550 takeoffs/landings and 2000 sharp turns were performed without a trouble, but aircraft was rejected for low payload capacity.
In 1933 installation of powerful l.c. M-17F resulted in wing leading edge collapse (during flight tests) due to increased speed and weight. Problem was fixed by replacing (or strengthening) the wing on aircraft with this engine. Weight was increased, resulting in decrease in payload or range.
260 K-5 were built during 1930-1934, replacing German aircraft on Ukrainian airlines.
In service as a major passenger aircraft until 1940.
  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR" by V.B.Shavrov, Vol.1 p.416-417
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  • Technical data
    Type K-5
    Function Passenger
    Year 1929 1931 1934
    Crew 2
    Engines 1*450hp M-15 1*480hp M-22 1*500/736hp M-17F
    Length 15.87m 15.7m 16.5m
    Wingspan 20.5m
    Wing area 66.0m2
    Empty weight 2275kg 2400kg 2740kg
    Loaded weight 3750kg 3600kg 4030kg
    Wing load 56.7kg/m2 54.5kg/m2 60kg/m2
    Power load 8.4kg/hp 7.5kg/hp 6.7kg/hp
    Maximum Speed (0m) 190km/h 185km/h 209km/h
    Cruise Speed 157km/h 154km/h 170km/h
    Landing Speed 75km/h 75km/h 80km/h
    Take off Roll 250m/20sec 21sec 170m
    Landing Roll 200m/18sec - -
    Range 950km 820km 960km
    Ceiling 4780m 4450m 5040m
    1000m 7.0min 8.0m 8.8m
    2000m 15.5min 17.0min 20.2min
    3000m 28.0min 30.0min 36.8min
    4000m 48min 50min 66min
    Seats 8
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