K-4, K.A.Kalinin

his civil aircraft had minor differences from K-1, K-2 and K-3. Built in 3 basic versions. Aerophoto modification had a hatch in the cabin floor for one or two cameras.
In August 1928 K-4 "Chervona Ukraina" with crew including M.A.Snegirev (pilot) and I.T.Spirin (navigator) performed a record flight Kharkiv-Moscow-Irkutsk-Moscow-Kharkiv.
22 K-4 of all types were built. Production was stopped in 1929 once 10-seat K-5 became available.
  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR" by V.B.Shavrov, Vol.1 p.416
  • Technical data
    Type K-4
    Function Passenger Aerophoto Ambulance
    Year 1928 1929
    Crew 131
    Engines 1*240hp BMW-IV 1*300hp M-6
    Length 11.35m
    Wingspan 16.75m
    Wing area 40.0m2
    Empty weight 1540kg 1400kg 1440kg
    Loaded weight 2350kg 2040kg 2240kg
    Wing load 58.8kg/m2 51.0kg/m2 56.0kg/m2
    Power load 9.8kg/hp 8.8kg/hp 7.5kg/hp
    Maximum Speed (0m) 173km/h 174km/h 175km/h
    Cruise Speed 145km/h 145km/h 155km/h
    Landing Speed 75km/h 70km/h 73km/h
    Take off Roll 270m 160m -
    Landing Roll 200m 200m -
    Range 1040km 1040km 1400km
    Ceiling 4500m 5500m -
    1000m 7.0min 5.4min -
    2000m 16min 12.5min -
    3000m 30min 20.3min -
    4000m 50min 32min -
    Seats 4 - 3
    Load 410kg - -
    Modified May 15, 1997
    by Alexandre Savine;
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