I-Z, D.P.Grigorovich

This image is a fragment of photo (30k) in article "Vakhmistrov's Zveno" posted at Alexej Gretchihine Russian Aviation Page
ingle-seat low-wing monoplane fighter, prototype of the PI-1 and IP-1. The I-Z was designed to carry a single-shot recoilless gun under each wing. The front fuselage was that of the N.N.Polikarpov I-5 biplane fighter.
After two prototypes, 71 production aircraft followed; but because of handling problems, most were used in development roles.
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  • I-Z, Grigorovich
  • Technical data
    Type I-Z
    Function Fighter
    Year 1933
    Crew 1
    Engines 1*480hp M-22
    Wingspan 11.00m
    Length 7.90m
    Wing Area
    Speed 320km/h
    Armament 2*g76.2mm
    Modified January 25, 1996
    by Alexandre Savine;
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