IS-1, V.V.Nikitin, V.V.Shevchenko

Drawing (24k) provided by Dean McGinnes

he 'IS' series stands for Istrebitel Skladnoj (Folding Fighter) - unique compromise between biplane and monoplane fighters: it was both. The lower wing could be retracted upwards, flush with the forward fuselage and the upper wing, while the wheels retracted into the lower wing surfaces.
This concept may be considered one of the first (and successful!) to implement variable geometry wing. 'IS' in its biplane configuration had excellent takeoff/landing characteristics and increased payload, while switching to monoplane scheme in flight allowed reach higher speed and range.
The IS-1 was made a lot like a N.N.Polikarpov I-153 (may be some airframe elements were used). It was completed in late 1939 and flown soon after. The first in-flight translation from monoplane to biplane and back again was in June of 1940, proving that the concept was workable.
Only experimental.
Development :
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  • Technical data
    Type IS-1
    Function experimental fighter
    Year 1939
    Crew 1
    Engines 1*1100hp Shvetsov M-63 (ASh-63)
    Speed 453km/h
    Range 600km
    Armament 4*mg7.62mm
    Special thanks to Dean McGinnes for providing drawings and historical info.
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    by Alexandre Savine;
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