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I Fighter
I-16, I-63 and more I's;
IAP Fighter Aircraft Regiment
Istrebitelnyj AviaPolk
IAPO, IAPA Irkutskoe AviaPromyshlennoe Ob'edinenie
Irkutsk Aircraft Production Association
Novatorov street, 3
664020 Irkutsk, Russia
Tel: (7-7-3952) 42-1450
Fax: (7-7-3952) 45-3089
Telex: 231121 GROM
Alexei Fedorov, General Director
Vladimir Kovalkov, Chief Engineer
Set up in 1932, the company currently employs 15,000 people. Major products are Su-27 and Su-30 and their modifications. Under a new venture with Beriev design bureau, IAPO started manufacturing two-engine twin-turboprop Be-200. The company claims that the production capacity is 120 aircraft a year. The company was awarded $1.3 million TACIS technical assistance grant for the research on Be-200 and Be-103.
Il Initials of Ilyushin Design Bureau; Il-2, Il-28, Il-76

IL Istrebitel
- Liberty or
Fighter with "Liberty" engine;
IL-3 -
IP Cannon armed Fighter
Istrebitel Pushechnij
IP-1, IP-4; -
IVF Institute for the Air Fleet
Institute Vozdushnogo Flota
mentioned on K.A.Kalinin page; -
ITP Heavy Cannon armed Fighter
Istrebitel Tiajolij Pushechnij
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