Russian Aviation Museum Hotlist

his list contains links to pages related to Russian/Soviet Aviation - Military, Civil or Transport. It may be pages of Aviation Nuts (like me) or Russian Aviation Manufacturers, Aviation Companies, Museums (not only in Russia) demonstrating Russian (or license built) aircraft.
The order of links no way represents my rating of the sites. It is plain random (for now)!
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Multipurpose Pages - Information, Images, more...
Bird Publishing's Ultimate Aviation Marketplace June 29, 1999
A Guide to Russian Airliners June 28, 1999
Aircraft Recognition June 8, 1999
ARSENAL military site (in Russian) June 4, 1999
Complete Encyclopedia of World Aviation (Cyrillic). May 28, 1999
. Russian Hydrofoil Page, with WIG and hovercraft info. May 28, 1999
Das virtuelle Luftfahrtmuseum A.K.A. The Virtual Aviation Museum May 25, 1999
Simply Planes (FSim) Page May 25, 1999
'Aviation Encyclopedia' May 25, 1999
A Guide to Russian Airliners March 11, 1999
Modeling the Aircraft of the Soviet VVS by Erik Pilawskii March 10, 1999
Kiwi Aircraft Images by Phillip Treweek March 5, 1999
! (True supersonics!) (in Russian) March 4, 1999
Russian Air Force by Alexandre Vishniakov. February 23, 1999
Avijacija: Lovci Multifunkcionalni avioni February 9, 1999
VVS of Russia - people and aircraft (in Russian) February 3, 1999
Greg Goebel's Vectors January 29, 1999
AeroMagazin (Yugoslavia) January 26, 1999
Sergei's Aircraft Resource January 25, 1999
European Utility-Aircraft January 25, 1999
General Aviation in Russia January 21, 1999
Old WIngs : la collection January 19, 1999
Site in Russian January 19, 1999
AviaPhil writes about recent heroic struggle of Russian aviation industry January 19, 1999
Flug Revue January 18, 1999
Soviet Warbirds January 13, 1999
Zur Geschichte der Strausberger Luftfahrt 1913-1996 January 13, 1999
I MS lennundus has some Russian WWI aircraft... with pictures from my site. Estonian Language; November 3, 1998
Aircraft Corner & funky links September 28, 1998
Russian Aircraft at Testing Ground Laboratory September 3, 1998
Aviapanorama, the magazine of Russian Aerospace Complex; August 25, 1998
KRON's Aviabase and it's mirror by Roman Karshiev; August 21, 1998
History of Helicopters July 10, 1998
Aeroplanes and Design Bureaux March 27, 1998
Historical club 'Novik' at Samara, maintained by Sergey Andreev. March 10, 1998
Dariusz Tyminski models and history site; February 25, 1998
Tipusismertetok. Several aircraft from different countries, in Hungarian; February 25, 1998
Virtual Aircraft Museum February 11, 1998
Directorate of Training Management ! Site made by professionals, may be interesting for enthusiasts too. January 12, 1998
Russian Power - excellent site in Russian and English. Not too many aircraft, but descriptions are very detailed and well illustrated. December 2, 1997
Michael Fletcher's Site has something to disagree with, but may be interesting for Warbird Simulator players. October 16, 1997
Watson's Military collection September 26, 1997
Evgeni's Red Star Combat Aircraft Page Evgeni's Red Star Combat Aircraft Page September 20, 1997
Air Force Herald Vestnik Vozdushnogo Flota (Air Fleet Herald) magazine, available in KOI-8 Russian encodings and in English 1996
Military Parade Military Parade magazine WEB site. December 1, 1997
Vince's Old Airliners & Transports Vince's Old Airliners & Transports 1996
Landings ! Landings ! - large site.... 1996
Russ-Sky Russ-Sky - first page to post Su-37 photos! 1996
AVIATION AVIATION - one of growing Russian (both by location and KOI-8 encoding) aviation sites. Has a Page dedicated to .. (A.Mozhaiski), Russian pioneer of powered heavier-than-air aircraft; 1996
Russian Aviation Page Russian Aviation Page is quite developed collection of publications, letters, photos, biographies... and more. 1996
European Airshow Page European Airshow Page by Herve Champain has a lot of beautiful photos, taken by Herve himself. Each plane is accompanied with its history and/or technical data. Very interesting, but takes a while to load numerous thumbnail images on each page. 1996
The Jet Genesis - nice site about early jet years. Oct 15, 1997
Air Zone - in French Oct 15, 1997
Extensive reference page on Russian-Soviet aircraft by Eugenij Dvurechenskij. Contains a lot of 'mirrors' from R.A.M. Oct 15, 1997
'The Imperial Russian Air Service' - nice page about book with same title. Nov 26, 1997
AirPage: The Interactive Aircraft Handbook by Dimitry Levin - has cool features such as interactive aircraft comparison! 1996
Jetstream's Page has some illustrated (and quite detailed) aircraft profiles, Myths collection and more. 1996
The Blue Sky Page by Alexej Polishchuk has photos and profiles of passenger airliners; 1996
'Aircrafts of the world' with commercial information, weather, images (now mostly old ones from old FTP sites), links... Go and check it for more. 1996
World War II on the Web by Mark Conrad has variety of WWII related information, including Aviation Links. 1996
Sergei Podshivalov's Page contains photos and information about few modern Russian/Soviet aircrafts and helicopters (both civil and military). With Frames and much faster. 1996
Jane's All the World Aircraft Demo... may be they have everything and more, but it is hard to get there. 1996
FLYING THE THREAT Page is about Soviet equipment used in US Army exercises. Like a good illustrated magazine article... 1996
FLYING THE THREAT Page is about Soviet equipment used in US Army exercises. Like a good illustrated magazine article... 1996
United States Air Force Museum has some Soviet aircraft; 1996
Vladimir Chekhovtsov had only 5 entries on April 4, 1996. 1996
Scale Model Forum has some photos of both aircraft and scale models. A lot of information about plastic kits, including some very detailed 'manuals'. 1996
Evgeni's Red Star Combat Aircraft Page has some modern aircraft pictures/information 1996
AUDI helicopteros, a lot of historical and commercial information; September 9, 1997
Yanko's Russian Weapons Catalog has a lot of information and illustrations; August 20, 1997
Military Vane site - same as previous but no frames... and no bugs; August 20, 1997
Huh, this fellow collected all Hokum pictures ever seen on the WEB!

Anti-Myth pages

Common Myths and Misconceptions June 15, 1999

Pages dedicated to Air Forces, Airlines, Companies, Clubs related to Russian/Soviet Aircraft

Irkutsk Aeroclub ROSTO July 9, 1999
UKRAINIAN ECONOMY - (August 1996 - July 2001) July 8, 1999
Informational Server of Russian Military-Industrial Complex July 8, 1999
Army & Society in Georgia July 2, 1999
Samara Science and Technical Complex named after N.D.Kuznetsov July 1, 1999
Russian Commercial Aviation July 1, 1999
Aeroflot June 30, 1999
Another Aeroflot! June 30, 1999
Kazan Helicopters Production Association June 25, 1999
Kazan Aircraft Production Association n.a. Gorbunov June 25, 1999
Aviation Manufacturers Alliance June 10, 1999
Thermoplane Design bureau June 8, 1999
Bangladesh June 8, 1999
Romania June 8, 1999
Fuerza Area Mexicana June 8, 1999
Normandie-Niemen site (French/English) March 4, 1999
Normandie-Niemen site June 15, 1999
Normandie-Niemen site June 15, 1999
The History of Czech Airlines February 16, 1999
51 years of MALV February 16, 1999
CETA SYSTEM February 16, 1999
Yak at UK February 11, 1999
Indian Air Force January 29, 1999
The Michian Group - Aircraft Sales & Lease January 25, 1999
Lotnictwo MW RP, another Polish AF site September 10, 1998
Wojska Lotnicze i Obrony Powietrznej September 3, 1998
Slovak International Air Display - SIAD'95 -
International Charter Inc. of Oregon employs several Soviet/Russian aircraft for humanitarian missions. -
Chinese AF Page -
Cuba Air Force 01/20/1998
Turkish World - Aviation 01/20/1998
Volga-Dnepr heavy lift company 01/20/1998
The Michian Group - Aircraft Sales & Lease 01/25/1999
The Michian Group - Aircraft Sales & Lease 06/08/1999

Russian Aircraft related companies/institutions

  • The Research Institute of Aviation Industry Economy (June 19, 1999)
  • Kazan Helicopters Plant (June 10, 1999)
  • Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association (January 18, 1999)
  • Small Commercial Engines: Sukhoi S-80 (January 19, 1999)
  • Russian/American Coordinating Group for ATC (January 11, 1999)
  • Lukhovitsky Machine Building Plant (September 21, 1998)
  • Tons of photos at Polish Aviation Photogallery;
  • Dragon Aviation: An-2 for Latin America (August 31,1998)
  • Kaunas Aviation (August 31, 1998)
  • Klimov Corporation; (August 25, 1998)
  • Saratov Aviation Plant (August 20, 1998)
  • Flight-Research Institute (LII) named after M.M.Gromov (August 19,1998)
  • TsKB information; (March 04, 1998)
  • AVIADVIGATEL Open Stock Company; (February 27, 1998)
  • Aeroflot! Any doubt? (Dec.4,1997)
  • Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) Web Site
  • Igor Sikorsky Page - as well as he started his activity in Russia - I put this link right here.
  • Lavochkin design bureau Home Page, full of information about recent activities. Mostly in space/missile fields. Some interesting photos included.
  • Kharkov Aviation Institute, known for the KhAI series of 30's, then and now - dedicated Aviation school. Well, it is Ukrainian... Blame me, I still count border between Ukraina and Russia as a bureaucratic nonsense.
  • Khrunichev Fact Sheet
  • Nizhny Novgorod Aircraft Building Plant JSC
  • Aero Ad's provides information on some Kamov and Mil helicopters
  • MiG page with some history and aircraft data; (Oct 15, 1997)

    Pilot's Pages - Flying Russian!

    Ian Groom and the fabulous SUKHOI SU-31 February 12, 1999
    Ian Groom Airshows/Fujifilm February 12, 1999
    Russian Aerobatic Team February 10, 1999
    Aerobatic Movies February 10, 1999
    Profile of Patrick Williams February 10, 1999
    John Piggott February 10, 1999
    Bob Davis Dacy airshow February 10, 1999
    Tim Weber Airshows - Yak-55M pilot page; January 16, 1998
    Dave Sutton is flying several russian aircraft and does a lot of other unusual things. 1997

    Russian (and related) Airshows Pages

    Paris Airshow June 22, 1999
    Moscow Air Show at Zhukovsky February 26, 1999
    Middle Wallop International Airshow, 1998 February 19, 1999
    Airshow Unlimited February 19, 1999
    Wanaka-98 February 10, 1999
    AAHZ'S AVIATION PAGE February 10, 1999
    Bob's Airplane Gallery February 10, 1999
    Asian Aerospace'98 February 10, 1999
    MAKS-97 overview by Serge Lazukov September 10, 1998
    Tim Weber Airshows - Yak-55M pilot page; January 16, 1998
    Australian Airshow Pictures and Sounds looks and sounds like an Airshow. There you can find Il-78 and Su-30 1996
    Aeroworldnet July 1998

    Links, Links, Links...

  • 'For your Information' has a lot of links, including tons of aviation sites. (February 12, 1998)
  • Steelsite | My links...
  • The Categorical Catapult -- Aviation Links
  • Yahoo! - Recreation:Aviation:History
  • Cyber Flight Deck
  • Aviation Enthusiast corner
  • Aviation links
  • links...
  • Jetstream's collection of links.
  • Search: Aircraft Database... Will be of interest - if fixed sometime!
  • What's New on Aviators Network... Indeed, why not to go and check what's new out there?
  • Nerd World : AVIATION; Another Links/NewsGroups/... collection sites. Mix of commercial and fun links. Some are Russian-related.
  • Russophilia has Aviation Links Section

    Technical/Historical Information Pages

  • Center for Army Lessons Learned (March 1,1999)
  • Women in combat - Page(s) dedicated to Soviet women pilots in WWII. (January 11, 1999)
  • World Aircraft Hangar; (August 31. 1998)
  • Russian Women Pilots by Phyllis-Anne Duncan
  • Soviet female pilots on WWII by Rolando Silva, July 1998
  • RUSAVIA publishing company, subsidiary of Mikoyan design bureau. Contains an offer of books and highly detailed aircraft models. March 6, 1998
  • NACA Report Server; February 25, 1998
  • Encyclopedia has a lot articles on flying things. Dec 2,1997
  • Aeroflight - quite an interesting place to visit.
  • Magnus Johansson Aviation Page may be not the top one (yet) ... but he has quite well organised information and I really like his Weird Facts Collection, despite it is slightly old! Moreover, it is a home of the RAM European Mirror.
  • Emmanuel Gustin Index. Tons of information about everything flying all over the world. Early version of his russian list (huge plain text file) became a base of this Page. I never run across any photos there...


  • Steve's Aircraft Photographs (July 1,1999)
  • AVIAPIX Professional Aircraft Photographs (July 1,1999)
  • Aviation Images (June 30,1999)
  • Cloudbase Aviation Picture Gallery (June 30,1999)
  • Spotting! (June 22, 1999)
  • Fotoimages (June 8, 1999)
  • Scramble [magazine] on the WEB (June 2, 1999)
  • Aero-Fair North Weald (March 5, 1999)
  • Some airplanes (February 12, 1999)
  • Aerobatic Images (February 10, 1999)
  • Cockpits and Instrument Panels by Andrei Pechenkin (December 1998);
  • Collection by Tarek Saghir; (December 1998);
  • Military Aviation Photography by Peter Steinemann (September 1998)
  • Photos of military and Civil aircraft. Videos for sale. July 1998;
  • Drawings of some X-Planes, July 1998;
  • I-16s taking over New Zealand!
  • DOO Flightsimulator page by Oleg Devjatkin; Some interesting photos included; (02/03/1998)
  • Military Aircraft Photo Gallery at AVIAWORLD; (01/20/1998)
  • Site of Paul Nann - his huge and growing collection of Soviet aircrafts (from modern N.I.Kamov Ka-50 'Hokum' to almost forgotten S.A.Kocherigin DI-6 biplane) for now is the best on the Net. Oh, there is a lot from other countries also...
  • Ever Changing Page of Roy Cochrun... O'k, you never know what you'll find there on the next visit. Once I found there Top Ten Soviet aircraft Designers (photos, yes). And I am getting more and more impressed what he is digging out !
  • Page of Helicopter Expert has some cool photos of mock-up combat between US and Russian helicopters. Looks biased, but COOL!
  • Page of Timo Huuskonen (The Grizzly) has photos of Russian jets, pilot's helmets and more;
  • Jeremy Harkin's Military Aircraft Archive - aircraft sorted by historical period;
  • The Warplane Picture Gallery
  • JANE'S PHOTO OF THE WEEK sometimes turns to be a Russian aircraft.... It seems to be moved here !
  • Warbird Images
  • Jeremy Harkin's Military Aircraft Archive is a nice pictorial site with brief technical references;
  • Aircraft Ramp has some A.N.Tupolev airliners images;
  • Global Aviation Link. Appears nice, some images, some links... Well, place to visit but not that Global indeed (yet?).
  • Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Multimedia:Pictures:Aviation
  • TOTAVIA collection, managed by Adrian Cybriwsky, has several rare pictures.
  • AVION FOTO always has something Russian and flying. It is dedicated to photos of passenger/transport aviation.
  • Planes and Things of Ian Woodrow does not change too often. Indeed, it is one of the most conservative pages I ever browsed. But he has some photos to see.
  • Fandal's Photoarchive is not big (I mean its Soviet section) but has some unique photos.
  • Collection of Ned Avejich has photos of quite uncommon planes (on the Net) such as MiG-13, Il-28;
  • FTP server in Finland with a lot aviation images;
  • Page of Stefaan Vanhastel (3-49) has pictures from airshows, showing some crazy paint schemes;
  • Finnish Airshow Page has some MiG-21's and more;
  • Robert McCollum Myers has a lot of nice Warbirds photos in his collection, including some Soviet of WWII era.
  • Greg's GIF/JPEG Collection has a lot of photos, many are aviation related and some are Russian aviation related;
  • Maxim Volkonovsky Page has some Maxim's photos taken at the Monino AF Museum and MAKS-95 Airshow. Very good 100-200k JPEGs.
  • SUNSITE collection of 1993-1994 scans;

    Pages dedicated to specific aircraft class.

    Those dedicated to single aircraft them were moved to corresponding aircraft pages;

  • V/STOL: The First Half-Century (March 20, 1998)
  • WIG Page, illustrated articles, photos and tales about Soviet WIGs. One of pages I like.
  • Russ-Sky Home Page - first page I saw with Su-37 photos.
  • Aeroflight Home Page - variety of links, images and information. Beriev Be-12 "Mail" profile is a hit.
  • Die Welt vom 10. November 1995 - Wissenschaft Article about WIGs - in German...


  • Name That Plane - This is air-riddle page.

    Historical Sites

    Interesting overview of combat aircraft... quite incomplete, missing several major types. February 25, 1998
    David's Aviation Site with historical monthly review and more. January 25, 1998
    Develpoments in Air Warfare - has some rudimentary references to Red Army air force during WWII. Nevertheless, reading of some interest. 1996
    History of Aviation - I keep it as an example how undereducated person tries to write History of Aviation. Sikorsky built his first four-engine aircraft (1913) in the USA... The only Soviet achievements to notice are creation of Tu-114 (largest and heaviest!!!) and shooting down poor Gary Powers... Well, buddy, go to the library and get educated! 1996
    The Airline Handbook - just another example of substituting the 'Aviation History' by the 'US Aviation History'. 1996

    Museum Cites

  • Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum
  • War Eagles Air Museum has a Tu-2 plane.
  • Canadian Museum of Flight
  • Central Finland Aviation Museum
  • Russian/Soviet Aviation and Cosmonautics Landmarks - Monino, Khodynka and much more.
  • NOVIK club at Samara Regional Museum
  • New Zealand Fighter Pilot Museum - a lot of interesting exposition, including restoration of I-16 and I-153. Very nice site, but somewhat slow.
  • BRIAN ELLIOTT's HOME PAGE has reports about Russian and Chinese airforse shows/museums/and more. Some unique photos.
  • USAF Museum Engine Gallery - Purchase and licensing in 20's-30's of some US-built engines did help a lot to boost Soviet aircraft engine industry.
  • RUSSIAN AVIATION TOUR ,San Diego Aerospace Museum;
  • The 390th Memorial Museum
  • New Zealand Fighter Pilots Museum ;
  • Canadian National Aviation Museum ;
  • Bienvenue au Muse national de l'aviation
  • Pearson Air Museum - Washington Online Highways
  • National Building Museum - WWII /2

    Flying Red Star planes

  • Flying modern MiG and Su with the Incredible Adventures;

    Reciprocal Links

  • AVSTOP online magazine;
  • Pilot's Resource Page;
  • Air Mobility Command Museum (January 11, 1999)

    Hot Spots Links

  • By The Way, Would You Enjoy Ruling The World?
  • Kosovo Tempts the Meddlesome to Incite Another Ethnic War

    Interesting non-aviation pages

  • The Soviet Military Awards Page
  • M&S Group Welcome Page is not related to aviation (temporarily), but is JAVA-equipped. There are also some cool links to other JAVA pages.
  • Digital Counter Page. I plan to set up a counter for each aircraft.

    Russian (and Ukrajnian!) Pages

    Those are dedicated to something (non-aviation) Russian. Places to see, songs to listen, newspapers to read... Some are cyrillic and require KOI-8 fonts to be installed.
  • Russophilia
  • Sinaps-Queen Homepage
  • MAXsoft Lab. home page
  • Mir Space Station
  • Maximov Online
  • ITAR-TASS Home Page
  • The List of Russian Web Servers
  • Objective Music
  • Friends and Partners: Music
  • Cyrillic Text
  • SovInformBureau
  • Home Page for Tchrjohn - some interesting photos of Russian Historic places and things, including author (John Sloan) himself in Russian Medieval armour!
  • Newspaper "New Siberia"
  • How to handle KOI-8 encodings and more
  • News, news, news....Economical
  • RGIN HomePage - Russian Government goes WWW!
  • KOI8-R References (Russian Net Character Set)
  • OSC-CEE-Ukrainian - Kiev Photographs
  • Moscow, the capital of Russia
  • LingNet Russian Sites
  • Collection of Russian Links
  • Minsk In Your Pocket: History
  • Virtual Tour of Solovki Monastery; It was a great pleasure for me to discover this site, because I myself spent a lot of time there working with Moscow State University student brigade on reconstruction projects.
  • Russian @ South High School
  • Novosibirsk the capital of Siberia
  • Another view of Stalin
  • Chapter 1: History of the BAM
  • Welcome to Nizhni Novgorod
  • List of math. school graduates - there I found some of my old friends;
  • Dazhdbog's Grandchildren
    Created March 26, 1996
    by Alexandre Savine;
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