DI-6/TsKB-11, S.A.Kocherigin

DI-6 at Victory Park (43k) by Paul Nann;

wo-seat fighter biplane. The DI-6 was of mixed construction and had retractable landing gear. The engine was a copy of the Wright R-1820 Cyclone.
Around 200 were built, and were used in combat in the 1939 Manchurian conflict with the Japanese. It ended its career as close-support attack aircraft.
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  • Technical data
    Type DI-6/TsKB-11
    Function fighter
    Year 1935
    Crew 2
    Engines 1*720hp M-25
    Wing Span 10.00m
    Length 7.00m
    Height 3.20m
    Wing Area 25.15m2
    Empty Weight 1407kg
    Max.Weight 1987kg
    Speed 372km/h
    Ceiling 8000m
    Range 550km
    Armament 3*mg7.62mm
    bombs 40kg
    Modified January 25, 1996
    by Alexandre Savine;
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