References and Credits


  • [1] 'Ground Attack' by Christopher Chant. 'The Mechanics of War' series.
    Almark Publishing Co Ltd London, 1976
    ISBN 0 85524 250 7
    Popular history of ground attack aviation during WWII. Covers German, Soviet and Western Allies experience. Illustrated with documentary photos, color aircraft drawings and tactical schemes.
  • [2] 'Igor Sikorsky - The Russian Years' by K.N.Finne.
    Editors : Carl J. Bobrow, Von Hardesty;
    Translated and adapted by Von Hardesty;
    Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, D.C.
    ISBN 0 87474 274 9
    Book includes (brief) biography of Igor Sikorsky (Russian period), review of his early aviation achievements (see S and B.I.S series). A lot of materials is dedicated to creation of the world first multi-engine aircraft in the world - the 'Bolshoj Baltijsky'/'Russkij vityaz'/'Grand' and its successor - Ilya Mouromets, the world first heavy long-range bomber/reconnaissater. As a flight surgeon with the Squadron of Flying Ships in the Imperial Air Force, K.N.Finne eye-witnessed the dramatic history of grow of Russian Airforce, as well as its dramatic crash during the Revolutionary Year 1917.
  • [3] 'Notes of an aircraft designer' by Alexandre Yakovlev - famous Soviet fighter designer.
    Foreign languages publishing house. No publishing year on the book!!!!
    Despite many strange features (deserve to be collected on a separate Page - yet to come) and some very clear biases - interesting story of Yakovlev grow from a mechanic in the aircraft workshop of 1925 to the head of Soviet Aviation Industry.
  • [4] "Combat Aircraft Of World War II" by Enzo Angelucci, Paolo Matricardi
    ISBN 0-517-56843-8
    Poster Book. Covers most of mass produced combat aircraft of the WWII. Well detailed historical and technical information, photographs and 3-view colored posters.
  • [5] "Who was who in the Great Patriotic War", editor O.A.Rzheshevsky;
    ISBN 5-250-02435
    In Russian. Brief reference includes about 1400 biographies (pretty short 60-100 words/person) of people who played substantial role in the 1945 Victory. Also included day-by-day chronology of the Great Patriotic War June 22, 1941 - September 2, 1945. ~500 photographs.
  • [6] "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", V.B.Shavrov;
    ISBN 5-217-02528-X
    In Russian. Excellent source of information, covering ~800 mass built and experimental aircraft. Some circumstances are omitted (such as fact that some 'landmark' aircraft were built by imprisoned teams).
  • [7] "Russia's To Guns" by Aerospace Publishing;
    ISBN 0-8317-7583-1
    Over 40 aircraft, details of specifications, performance and weaponry, 3-view drawings. Some aircraft have extended text sections and detailed cutaway diagrams.
  • [8] "The Guinness book of aircraft" by David Mondey and Michael J.H.Taylor;
    ISBN 0-85112-355-4
    Large number of interesting facts from aviation history. Records, First-in-the-World aircraft.
  • [9] Aviation engine Ash-82V, technical description. OBORONGIZ, 1963, 178 pp.
  • [10] "OKB MiG a history of the design bureau and its aircraft" by Piotr Butowski and Jay Miller
    ISBN 0-904597-80-6
    Well illustrated book, many little known facts.
  • [11] "Russian aircraft since 1940" by Jean Alexander
    ISBN 0-370-10025-5
    Shavrov-style collection of Soviet aircraft since 1940, with many technical details and b/w photos, as well as with excusable imperfections in military and experimental aircraft description.
  • [12] "Illustrated Encyclopedia of the TANTK G.M.Beriev aircraft" by Panatov G.S. and Udalov K.G.
    Vol.1 ISBN 5-86309-000-4, Aviko Press, 1998
    Includes detailed creation history and description of 16 different aircraft (and numerous modification) designed in period 1930 to 1945, including official documents. Large number of photographs, 3-drawings, color schemes.
  • [13] "Sowieckie lotnictwo MORSKIE 1941-1945" by Robert Bock
    Vol.9 of Kampanie Lotnicze Series
    ISBN 83-8620844-9, AJ-Press
    Naval aviation of USSR in the Great Patriotic War, in Polish. Great number of combat facts, rare photos, some statistics.

    Squadron/Signal Publications, Inc;

  • [101] 'Il-2 Stormovik in action' by Hans-Herri Stapfer. Aircraft Number 155;
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    Detailed history of the Il-2 from the very beginning (TsKB-55) to latest models of this unique aircraft (Il-10);
  • [102] 'Polikarpov Fighters in action, Part 1 and Part 2' by Hans-Herri Stapfer. Aircraft Number 157,162;
    ISBN 0 89747 343 4
    ISBN 0 89747 355 8
    Covers N.N.Polikarpov's fighters from VIT-11 to latest versions of the I-16;
  • [103] 'LaGG fighters in action' Don Greer & Ernesto Cumpain. Aircraft Number 163;
    ISBN 0 89747 364 7
    History of the early Lavochkins from I-22 to LaGG-3, covers most of the mass built modifications;
  • [104] 'Yak fighter in action' by Hans-Heiri Stapfer. Aircraft Number 78;
    ISBN 0 89747 187 3
    History of the early Yakovlevs from I-26 pre-war prototype to jet-powered Yak-23;

    Publications in the 'Krylia Rodiny' magazine, ISSN-0130-2701

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    On-line Publications (some in Russian)

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