Be-103, Beriev KB

80k photo from Roy Cochrun's Archive;

he amphibious Be-103 is intended for autonomous operation in the unmarked areas of Russia's Far North or Siberia, where it may be most useful. Be-103 was designed in conformity with AP-23 and FAR-23 standards for short-haul routes in regions that have rivers, lakes, streams and are otherwise unaccessible.
Possible tasks for the aircraft:
  • Passengers transportations;
  • Administrative and liaison duties;
  • Small cargos of freight and mail delivery;
  • Urgent medical aid;
  • Prompt ecological monitoring of water areas;
  • SAR operations on water;
  • Patrol missions over woodlands, sea borders and economic zones;
  • Aerial photography
  • Agricultural jobs
  • Training duties with second set of controls installed;
  • Drug smuggling (oh, this got here by mistake...);
  • The Be-103 is a low-wing monoplane, with water-displacing wings fitted with wing extensions. It features an all-moving slab tail and tricycle landing gear with nose undercarriage unit. Its hallmarks are the water-displacing wing with three aquaplaning implements (planing step, starboard and port wing trailing edges) which substantially enhance the aircraft on-the-water stability and seaworthiness.
    Intended for daytime operation, Be-103 has provision of blind flight equipment and night operations. De-icing equipment is optional. Cabin interior may be easily reconfigured from comfortable passenger compartment to 2x0.7m2 cargo bay. Navigation and flight control system may be ether Russia-made or imported of mixed, following customer's demand.
    First 20min flight was performed on July 15, 1997 with Vladimir Uliyanov on controls. Total flight time accumulated by the first Be-103 was over 14 hours.
    First public appearance was planned for MAKS-97 airshow. Just before the show (August 18) it was crushed on the Zhukovsky airfield during familiarization flights. 35 years old Vladimir Uliyanov was killed in the accident.
    40k The second Be-103 in flight; Courtesy of Andrew I. Salnikov.
    The second Be-103 was flown on September 24, 1998 at Taganrog Bay, the G.M.Beriev Taganrog Aviation Scientific Engineering Complex test (or test?). First water-water flight (pilot V.P.Doubenskij) lasted 12min, no abnormalities revealed. Third Be-103 was at the time under construction at Komsomolsk-Na-Amure.
    Cheaper single-engined variant (with Voronezh OKBM made 360hp M-14 engine on vertical pylon) development is considered.
    Estimations for domestic and international market demands (until 2015) are estimated as 520 and 250-330 units, respectively.
    Technical data
    Type Be-103
    Function Multi-role amphibian
    Year 1997
    Crew 1
    Engines 2*210hp "Teledyne Continental" TCM IO-360ES4
    Length ?m
    Wingspan ?m
    Wing area ?m2
    Empty weight ?kg
    Loaded weight 2050kg
    Wing load ?kg/m2
    Power load 4.88kg/hp
    Speed (maximum) 265km/h
    Speed (cruise) 240km/h
    Ferry Range 1350km
    Range with 5 passengers 600km
    Operational altitude 500...3000m
    Wave height 0.5m
    Seats 5
    Load 400kg in cabin
    Created August 20, 1998
    by Sergei Mochtchenkov
    and Alexandre Savine
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