ANT-67, '67', Tu-2D by A.N.Tupolev

evelopment of the '62' long range bomber. Diesel engines ACh-30BF were installed for better range.
First flight was performed on February 12, 1946 by pilot A.D.Perelet. Program was cancelled due to persisting engine malfunctions.
Technical data
Type Tu-2D '65' ANT-65
Function Long Range Bomber
Year 1946
Crew 5
Engines 2*1900hp ACh-30BF
Length 14.42m
Wingspan 22.06m
Wing area 59.12m2
Loaded Weight 13600kg
Wing load 230kg/m2
Power load 3.6kg/hp
Speed at 6200m580km/h
Landing Roll 700m (calc.)
Takeoff Roll 530m (calc.)
Range 5000km (calc.)
Ceiling 88500m (calc.)
5000m 13.0min (calc.)
Guns 3 defensive 12.3mm UBT (195rpg)
2*20mm ShVAK in the wing roots (150rpg)
Bombs 1000kg inside
plus up to 3000kg externally (overload)
Created on August 14, 1998
by Alexandre Savine
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