ANT-51/"Ivanov", A.N.TupolevP.O.Sukhoj

rototype of light bomber/recco, presented by P.O.Sukhoi during a contest-project 'Ivanov' in 1938-1939. Project started as early as 1935 under general supervision by A.N.Tupolev. Construction started in early 1937 by P.O.Sukhoi brigade at KOZOK, and first aircraft (M-62 engine) was ready without delays.
It was a low-wing single engine bomber-reconnaissater with retractable landing gear. Mixed design (wooden monocoque fuselage, all-metal wing, metal tail surfaces with fabric cover of rudder and elevator) was very rational.
First flight was performed by M.M.Gromov on August 25, 1937. Despite its speed was considered insufficient, but it was superior to all contemporary domestic reconnaissaters. It was decided to launch production and at the same time to continue trials with more powerful engines.
According to Red Army strategic plans, future war with Germany (planned it was!) should be performed on the enemy territory on little expense. The ANT-51 obviously was an aircraft created to support advancing army, under conditions of complete air superiority of the Red Airforce. Ironically, this role was played by its less advanced counterpart Junkers Ju-87 'Stuka'...
Built in series (with increased bomb load) as Su-2/BB-1 light bomber.
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  • ANT-51, Tupolev
  • Technical data
    Type ANT-51 'Ivanov'
    Function Reconnaissater, Light Bomber
    Year 1937 1939 1939
    Crew 2
    Engines 1*820hp M-62 1*950hp M-87A 1*950hp M-87B
    Length 9.92m 10.25m
    Wingspan 14.3m
    Wing area 29.0m2
    Empty weight 2604kg 2816kg 2800kg
    Loaded weight 3937kg 4030kg 4080kg
    Wing load 136kg/m2 139kg/m2 141kg/m2
    Power load 4.8kg/hp 4.2kg/hp 4.3kg/hp
    Speed at 0m 360km/h 375km/h
    Speed at 5600m 403km/h 468km/h
    Landing Speed 120km/h
    Range 1200km 1160km ?
    Ceiling 7440m 8800m
    4000m 8.3min ? 8.0min
    5000m 16.6min 11.5min 12.0min
    Guns 3*7.62mg ShKAS
    Bombs 500kg
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