ANT-5 prototype and pre-production I-4 by P.O.Sukhoj/ A.N.Tupolev

ll-metal sesquiplane fighter, with small cantilever lower wing. The order for this fighter was issued in Fall 1925 by TsAGI. Comparison of all-metal vs mixed vs wooden construction fighter was the key idea. General construction of the ANT-5 was similar to this of ANT-2 and ANT-3/R-3. Prototype had to be powered by single 420/525hp Jupiter-VI, which has to be replaced by more powerful domestic M-22 on series aircraft.
Aircraft was designed by P.O.Sukhoj team and rolled out in July 1927. After factory trials ANT-5 was transferred to NII VVS.
In August 1928 it was followed by I-4 'Dubler' ('The Second'). Flights by M.M.Gromov, A.F.Anisimov, A.B.Yumashev and I.F.Kazlov revealed excellent performance of the aircraft, making I-4 one of the best fighters for late 20's. Series production was approved as early as December 1928.
Pre-production ('golovnoj') I-4 was ready on October 15, 1928. It was heavier than prototypes and had somewhat worser assembly quality, but still could be qualified to be among the best. Series aircraft (see I-4) had even worser quality. Corrugated skin was an obvious drawback, as well as luck of airdynamic refinement.





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  • ANT-5 / I-4 at the Virtual Aircraft Museum
  • ANT-5, Tupolev
  • I-4, Tupolev
  • Technical data
    Type ANT-5 I-4 'Dubler' I-4 Pre-series
    Function Prototypes Pre-production
    Year 1927 1928 1928
    Crew 1 1 1
    Engines 1*420/525hp Gnome-Rhone Jupiter-VI 1*480hp M-22
    Length 7.28m
    Wingspan 11.4m
    Wing area 23.8m2
    Empty weight 921kg 941kg 974kg
    Loaded weight 1343kg 1363kg 1426kg
    Wing load 56.5kg/m2 57.3kg/m2 60.0kg/m2
    Power load 3.25kg/hp 3.05kg/hp 2.97kg/hp
    Speed at 0m 246km/h 257km/h 247km/h
    Speed at 3000m 250km/h 250km/h ?
    Takeoff Roll 70m 6sec 70m 6sec 8sec
    Landing Roll 140m 17sec 140m 17sec 19sec
    Turn time - 11sec 12sec
    Range - 840km -
    Flight Endurance 2h18min
    Ceiling 8200m 7650m 7120m
    1000m - 1.8min
    2000m - 4.1min
    3000m - 6.7min
    5000m 11.4min 11.0min 12.4min
    Fuel+Oil 236+25kg
    Guns 2*mg7.62mm
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