ANT-25 / RD, A.N.Tupolev

At the Monino AF Museum near Moscow; Photo (56k) by John Sloan from Alexej Gretchihine R.A.P.;

his long-range aircraft became best known (in the USA - A.S.) by a record flight from Moscow to San Jacinto in California, over the pole: 10148km. The ANT-25 was also used to set a closed-circuit flight record with a flight of 56h and 20min. As might be expected, the ANT-25 was a clean monoplane with an extremely long wingspan: 34.98m.
120k b/w close-on the ANT-25 powerplant, courtesy of Sergey Andreev;

24k b/w picture from "History of aircraft construction in the USSR" by V.B.Shavrov, Vol.1 p.513;
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    Other designation(s) :
  • RD, "long-range record plane", "Record Dalnosti";
    Modification(s) :
  • RD-DB-1, long range bomber-recco;
  • DB-1/ANT-36 - DB, Dalnij Bombardirovschik, Long Range Bomber. Cancelled;
  • DB-2/ANT-37 - Another Sukhoj's attempt to transform the ANT-25 into long range bomber;
  • BOK-1, BOK-7, BOK-8, BOK-11 - high altitude research aircrafts;

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  • Technical data
    Type ANT-25-1, RD
    Function experimental, record setting
    Year 1933
    Crew 3-4
    Engines 1*700kw Mikulin M-34R
    Speed 246km/h
    Ceiling 7000m
    Range 13000km
    Modified January 25, 1996
    by Alexandre Savine;
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