ANT-17, ANT-18, TSh-1, TSh-B by AGOS

(TSh-1,TSh-B) and ANT-18 were under development in the AGOS, as modifications of R-6/ANT-7 twin-engine multipurpose aircraft. Aircraft planned to carry crew of four with total armour weight 1000kg, only 300kg used as active elements of airframe. Armour supposed to protect crew and (partially) engines with radiators.
Not built.

ANT-7 R-6
Technical data
Function Ground attack
Year 1930
Crew 4
Engines 2*750hp M-34
Guns 1*g75mm DRP
4*mg 7.62mm DA (gunners)
4*mg 7.62mm PV-1 (wing)
Bombs 1000-1500kg
Modified August 27, 1997
by Alexandre Savine;
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