ANT-1, A.N.Tupolev

(60k, 115k) Photos from 'Krylia Rodini' January 1992;
he first aircraft, built by Andrei Nikolaevich Tupolev. A.N.Tupolev started to work on this project in 1911, but started construction only in 1922. At that time he was a member of TsAGI task force, which was concentrated on all-metal aircraft designs. ANT-1 was of a mixed design, but it was the first Soviet-built aircraft including home-made metal elements (fuselage frame). Small aircraft became also a testbed for cantilever wing.
Flights started October 20, 1923 (E.I.Pogosskij, N.I.Petrov), performance was good. But after few flights old worn engine started losing power and was found unrepairable.
Aircraft was on exposition for a while in a museum, vanished during the Great Patriotic War, probably in 1941, when many organizations were evacuated from endangered capital.

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  • 32k b/w ANT-1 from "History of aircraft construction in the USSR" by V.B.Shavrov, Vol.1 p.363;
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    Technical data
    Type ANT-1
    Function technology test
    Year 11923
    Crew 1
    Length 5.4m
    Height 1.7m
    Wing span 7.2m
    Wing area 10.0m2
    Engines 1*35hp Anzani
    Empty Weight 229kg
    Flight Weight 360kg
    Fuel 42kg
    Oil 9kg
    Wing load 36kg/m2
    Power load 10.3kg/hp
    Speed 125km/h on ground level
    Landing Speed 70km/h
    Ceiling 400..600m
    Range 400km
    Endurance 4h
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