SP-95 by TechnoAvia.

22k photo from General Purpose Aviation in Russia (Russian)

he SP-95 is a high performance aerobatic monoplane designed and built by Technoavia in Russia. It is a single place aircraft that converts two seats for training and is flown in the single seat configuration for unlimited competition.
The main design goals were high roll rates and structural strength. The use of metal as a primary structure allows for a high degree of strength and a structure that can be easily inspected and maintained.
The aircraft has a one-piece wing with multi spar construction it was designed with "safe damage" concept so that the possibility of structural failure has been largely eliminated. As an example the wing is attached to the fuselage with 4 attachment points. With any one attachment damaged the aircraft is still capable of its +12-10g limits.
Full span flaperons provide positive and negative reflex allowing for low landing speeds and positive and negative lift augmentation.
The aircraft is a joy to fly with high performance fighter like performance, no adverse handling characteristics and excellent visibility. It has a locking tailwheel and Cleveland brakes, making ground handling docile and predictable.
The avionics suite by Gardner Aviation Avionics of Griffin Ga. is of particular note. A Garmin 250xl integrated GPS, COM and Intercom is installed. This allows maximum performance navigation and communication capabilities with minimum weight and maximum reliability. The state of the art navigation system provides automated moving map, data base and communication capabilities that allows the pilot to fully concentrate on flying and enjoying the performance capabilities of this machine.
The team at Gardner Aviation specially designed this avionics system. It is especially applicable for high performance aircraft where pilot workload is high and maximum performance in avionics is a required.
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  • Technical data (one or two pilots)
    Type SP-95
    Function Aerobatic trainer
    Year ?
    Crew 1 2
    Engines 1*360hp M-14P
    Length 7.02m
    Wingspan 9.0m
    Wing area 11.0m2
    Empty weight 760kg
    Loaded weight 945kg 1080kg
    Wing load 86kg/m2 98kg/m2
    Power load 2.6kg/hp 3.0kg/hp
    Maximum Speed 450km/h
    Maximum sustained speed 300km/h
    Stall Speed 105km/h
    G-limits +12-10 +11-9
    Roll rate 6.0rad/sec 6.5rad/sec
    Takeoff Roll 70m
    Landing Roll 150m
    Ferry Range 1300km
    Rate at 0m 19m/sec 17m/sec
    Created February 22, 1999
    by Alexandre Savine
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