ANT-35, ANT-35bis, PS-35 by A.A.Arhangelsky and A.N.Tupolev

60k drawing, courtesy of Sergey Andreev;

assenger version of the SB high speed bomber. Aircraft was built in parallel with SB production steaming up, and faced no serious drawbacks. It used wing, tail and landing gear of the bomber. New fuselage provided room for ten seats, buffet, lavatory and luggage section. Excellent sound insulation, common and individual ventilation, heating system provided passenger with world class comfort, while rich cockpit equipment (including autopilot) guaranteed safe flights.
First flight (August 20, 1936) with M.M.Gromov on controls revealed excellent flight characteristics. On September 15 flight Moscow-Leningrad-Moscow was performed. In November-December ANT-35 was flown to Paris, where demonstrated on International Airshow.
The only requirement for series production was to increase passenger cabin height by 15cm. This was done in the second prototype (ANT-35bis) which was built in 1937-1939 under designation PS-35.
PS-35 lost competition to Li-2, which was slower but carried twice of payload with the same powerplant.
Eleven PS-35 were built, they served airlines Moscow-Lviv and Moscow-Odessa until year 1941.
  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR" by V.B.Shavrov, Vol.2 p.79-80;
  • ANT-35 / PS-35 at the Virtual Aircraft Museum;
  • Technical data
    Type ANT-35 ANT-35bis
    Function Passenger PrototypePassenger
    Year 1936 1937-39
    Crew 2
    Engines 2*800hp M-85 2*1000/840hp M-62IR
    Length 14.95m 15.4m
    Wingspan 20.8m 20.8m
    Wing area 57.8m2 57.8m2
    Empty weight 4710kg 5012kg
    Loaded weight 6620kg 7000kg
    Wing load 114kg/m2 121kg/m2
    Power load 4.1kg/hp 3.3kg/hp
    Speed at 0m 350km/h 350km/h
    Speed 400km/h
    at 4000m
    at 1500m
    Landing Speed 95km/h 105km/h
    Landing Roll - 19sec
    Takeoff Roll - 10sec
    Range 1200-2000km 1640km
    Flight Endurance 5h 5h
    Ceiling 8500m 7200m
    3000m - 6.1min
    5000m - 13min
    Seats 10 10
    Load 840kg 840kg
    Modified February 05, 1998
    by Alexandre Savine
    and Sergey Andreev;
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