NV-2 and NV-2bis by V.V.Nikitin

ingle-seat low-wing monoplane trainer, with 100hp M-11 engine in NACA cowling. Fuselage and wing - of plywood design, covered with fabric. Main landing gear was retractable backwards into underwing fairings.
NV-2 was built in 1935 at Moscow Aviation High School (Aviatechnicum) on Osoaviakhim money. Flight test were passed easily, flight performance was superior.
More than 150 flights were performed on the NV-2.
In 1938 OKB-30 released the second aircraft of the NV-2 family, the NV-2bis. It was powered by 165hp MG-11. Aircraft passed all trials and VVS ordered small series of 10 planes. Construction started, but terminated when production of the UT-2 was ordered on the same factory.
None UTI-5 (NV-2bis-MG-31)

  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR" by V.B.Shavrov, Vol.2 p.94;
  • N.V.Nikitin
  • Technical data
    Type NV-2 NV-2bis
    Function Trainer
    Year 1935 1938
    Crew 1 1
    Engine 100hp M-11 165hp MG-11.
    Length 6.15m
    Wingspan 8.0m
    Wing area 11.0m2
    Empty weight 385kg 435kg
    Loaded weight 750kg 800kg
    Wing load 68.0kg/m2 72.7kg/m2
    Power load 7.50kg/hp 4.85kg/hp
    Speed at 0m 230km/h 260km/h
    Landing Speed 75km/h
    Flight Endurance 10hmin 7hmin
    Ceiling 5800m 7000m
    Fuel+Oil 250+25kg
    Created October 30, 1998
    by Alexandre Savine
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