I-17/TsKB-19, N.N.Polikarpov

he I-17 was a sleek fighter with a water-cooled engine, built for comparison with the stubby radial-engined I-16.
Few built, some used in combat in 1941.
TsKB-15 - the first prototype;
TsKB-33 used evaporative cooling. Cancelled;
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  • Technical data
    Type I-17/TsKB-19
    Function fighter
    Year 1935
    Crew 1
    Engines 1*750hp Klimov M-100
    Speed 500km/h
    Ceiling 11000m
    Range 800km
    Armament 4*mg7.62mm
    Modified January 25, 1996
    by Alexandre Savine;
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