BOK-5, V.A.Chizhevskij

he BOK-5 was an light-weight (duralumin/fabric) experimental tailless aircraft (powered single-seat glider) with full-span tandem control surfaces along the trailing edge. It had a short stubby fuselage with a radial engine and a conventional fin.
Flown by test-pilots Stefanovskij and Nukhtikov;
Load factor +8 (!)
Thanks to A.Gretchihine Trivia-8 Solution, where the picture was found and a lot of technical parameters

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  • Technical data
    Type BOK-5
    Year 1937
    Function Experimental
    Engine 1x100hp M-11
    Wing Span 9.86m
    Wing Area 23.15m2
    Length 4.37m
    Empty Weight 596kg
    Loaded Weight 764kg (90kg fuel)
    Max Speed 174km/h
    Landing speed 85km/h
    Take off/Landing Roll 120/200m
    Ceiling 4,850m
    Range 600km
    Endurance 4h
    Modified March 18, 1997
    by Alexandre Savine;
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