Be-8, 'Type 33', KOR-4(?) by G.M.Beriev ('Mode' or 'Mole')

24k Be-8 photo, courtesy of Andrew I. Salnikov.

assenger/liaison amphibian with layout similar to the Be-4 but substantially larger and heavier. It was a single-engine parasol with wing installed on thin pylon and pair of short struts. Compared to the Be-4, Be-8 was equipped with retractable landing gear (taildragger scheme), pilot and passenger cabins had heating system utilizing engine heat. Aircraft had de-icing system, carried wealth of navigation, radio- and photo, dual flight controls (wires) and electromechanically operated landing flaps. Be-8 was intended as a civil aircraft and carried no armament.
Be-8 was built in 1947 and trials started on December 3, demonstrating good performance. Two experimental aircraft were built, one was demonstrated during 1951 Soviet Aviation Day at Tushino.
26k Be-8 photo, courtesy of Andrew I. Salnikov.

One of Be-8 was equipped with hydrofoils, developed at TsAGI. "Underwater Wings" were installed on landing gear struts and pushed aircraft from the water well before it could be done by the wing lift force. As a result, takeoff was much easier and imposed less punishment on the hull from the waves. Despite very effective during takeoff hydrofoils had negative impact on flight speed. Construction of retractable hydrofoils was not ready, and the concept did not find practical applications. There it is now...
(32k) Be-8 model; Roy Cochrun posted this photo in November 1996 on his ever changing and never same Page;

Be-8 is sometimes reported to have the name 'Mail' assigned (which was the used on Be-12) and being a jet-engined version of the Be-6 'Madge' (possibly erroneously referring to the R-1)

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  • Be-8, 'Mode' or 'Mole'
  • KOR-4
  • Technical data
    Type Be-8, KOR-4
    Function Passenger, liaison
    Year 1947
    Crew 2
    Engines 1*570/700hp Shvetsov ASh-21
    Length 13.0m
    Wingspan 19.0m
    Wing area 40.0m2
    Empty weight 2815kg
    Loaded weight 3624kg
    Wing load 91kg/m2
    Power load 5.2kg/hp
    Speed at 0m 246km/h
    Speed at 1800m 266km/h
    Landing Speed 100km/h
    Landing Roll 20sec
    Takeoff Roll 13sec
    Turn time sec
    Range (normal) 810km
    (max. fuel)
    Flight Endurance
    Flight Endurance
    (max. fuel)
    Ceiling 5550m
    5000m 31.6min
    Fuel+Oil 352kg
    Seats 6
    Cargo 400kg
    Created November 12, 1996
    by Alexandre Savine;
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