DAR Dalnij Arcticheskij Razwedchik, Long-range arctic recce - -
DB Long-range bomber
Dalnij Bombardirowschik
DB-2, DB-3, DB-A, DB-240 and other DB's;

DB-A Long-range bomber by the Academy
Dalnij Bombardirowschik - Academija
DB-LK Long-range bomber - Flying Wing
Dalnij Bombardirowschik - Letaushee Krylo
DB-LK; -
DG Initials of D. Grigorovich Design Bureau; DG-52, DG-53, DG-58R
DI 2-seat fighter
Dwuhmestnij Istrebitel
DI-1, DI-8 , DI-8 and other DI's;
DIP 2-engine cannon armed fighter, "Dwuhmotorny Istrebitel, Pushechny" DIP
DIS Long range escort fighter, Dalnij Istrebitel Soprowizhdenija
Dwuhmestny Istrebitel Soprowojdenija, "Two-seat escort fighter"
D.Is. Aircraft by Dekan with Hispano-Suiza engine
Dekan Ispano
Anadis, Anatra D.Is. -
Dobrolet Volunteer Society for Airfleet
Dobrovlonoe Odschestvo Letchikov
Established March 14, 1923 -
DRP Recoilless cannon, Dynamo-Reaktivnaja Pushka
See DRP/APK Page
DVB Long range high altitude bomber
Dalnij Visotnij Bombardirovschik
DVK (EVK) Heavy Airship Squadron
Divizion (Eskadra) Vozdushnih Korablej
ussian (and later Red) Army designation used for the division of Sikorsky "Ilya Mourometz" heavy bombers - prelude of the strategic airforce;
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