The official Science 451 page (v 1.1)

Welcome to the Science 451 homepage.
This page is a "living" page, which means that it is always under construction. But, most of the basic stuff is now done.

Still waiting to be done: 1. Transfer files. I still have some 200 disks to go through looking for stuff. (Nope, I never was any good on keeping order on my disks).
2. Scan a lot of things. I have tons of old diskcovers lying in a store room. I was planning to scan these in. I was also planning to scan a few photos, some magazines (like Iguana) which I havent seen anywhere on the net.
3. Find a new site. I am soon finished with my studies here at the iniversity, so I am looking for a new home for these pages. Preferably a page which allows cgi-scripts (which this place doesnt :( ...)

Mattias, once known as H.O of Science451